United Nations chief offer help in natural disaster recovery

United Nations chief offer help in natural disaster recovery

United Nations chief offer help in natural disaster recovery

He told a news conference that reports of other deaths still needed to be verified.

The death toll from a shallow 6.9-magnitude natural disaster on the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen above 130, officials said Wednesday, with some 156,000 forced from their homes.

Almost 1,500 people have been injured, with 156,000 displaced after the tremors caused extensive damage to their homes.

Newsmen report that a magnitude-7.0 quake struck right along the coast of the Indonesian island of Lombok, near Loloan village Sunday night.

This version corrects the spelling of the spokesman's name.

An operation was underway on Tuesday to evacuate thousands of tourists who were stranded after a deadly natural disaster jolted Indonesia's Lombok Island killing 98 people and injuring over 200 others.

Volunteers and rescue personnel were erecting more temporary shelters for the tens of thousands of people left homeless on Lombok by the magnitude 7.0 quake on Sunday evening.

"They do not have a water supply and not enough food", Tasman told AFP, after visiting Karang Bajo village in the island's north. "Children are the most vulnerable".

Terrified holidaymakers rushed for boats and planes to leave Indonesia's Lombok island on Tuesday after it suffered a second deadly quake‚ as rescuers scrambled to reach remote areas where survivors are in urgent need of food and shelter.

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A large mosque collapsed on worshippers in northern Lombok's Lading-Lading village, and rescuers used a backhoe to search the debris.

It is expected to rise further because authorities believe people have been hit and killed by buildings including mosques, health clinics and houses which have collapsed.

Shattered roads and a lack of heavy equipment have hampered efforts to reach survivors in the mountainous north and east of Lombok, which were hardest hit. "We ran out into the street and a friend and I stood in the parking area hanging on to a parked auto which was also swaying severely", said retiree Deborah Storck, who was about to eat dinner at a restaurant on Lombok's west coast when the quake hit.

"It took many hours but we're thankful it worked and this person was found alive".

With not enough boats to evacuate tourists quickly and too few planes to fly them out of Lombok, many visitors were forced to wait for hours or camp on beaches and on the floor of the global airport in Mataram.

"We were sitting there having dinner at about 7 o'clock last night, we just felt a really big sort of shaking and the lights went off and everyone just ran", Australian tourist Kim Liebelt said as he waited with other travelers for a flight out at Lombok's worldwide airport.

Some 4,600 tourists have been evacuated from the Gili Islands, three tiny, coral-fringed tropical islands off the northwest coast of Lombok which are popular with backpackers and divers.

Indonesia is defined by string of volatile volcanoes stretching for thousands of miles, as it is situated on the so-called Ring of Fire around the Pacific. In 2004, a quake-driven tsunami off of Aceh province killed 226,000 people in 13 countries across the Indian Ocean, including more than 120,000 in Indonesia.

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