MUELLER'S EXCUSES: The Special Counsel FILES A COMPLAINT Against Manafort Judge

MUELLER'S EXCUSES: The Special Counsel FILES A COMPLAINT Against Manafort Judge

MUELLER'S EXCUSES: The Special Counsel FILES A COMPLAINT Against Manafort Judge

Manafort has pleaded not guilty to 18 counts of bank fraud, tax fraud and failing to disclose foreign bank accounts.

Manafort, a longtime Republican political consultant, used the accounts to receive payments from Ukrainian oligarchs, the jury has heard.

In one exchange published in court Wednesday, Manafort instructs his Cypriot lawyer, Kypros Chrysostomides - referred to in court as "Dr. K" because, according to Gates, his name is hard to spell and pronounce - to transfer money from the Manafort-controlled Leviathan Ltd. "Pls (sic) make the five transfers listed below from the Leviathan account and confirm to me when completed", Manafort wrote.

Gates explained that Manafort's financial difficulties worsened in 2014, when Viktor Yanukovych was no longer in power and the Party of Regions disintegrated.

"It actually kind of shows in real time the course of months of investigation where they painstakingly did a jigsaw puzzle of records", former USA prosecutor Harry Litman said of Magionos' testimony.

Andres said his side has focused sharply on the accusations they need to prove. Under his cross-examination, James acknowledged it was Gates, using an old insurance document, who ultimately misled her about whether there was a mortgage on the brownstone days before the loan on the condominium closed.

Evidently, Laporta's now-former employer, Alexandria-based CPA firm Kositzka, Wicks & Co., had no idea these shenanigans were happening right under its nose, which I don't know about you, but I find hard to believe.

It was a major break for Judge T.S. Ellis III, who in little more than a week of the trial has berated prosecutors for moving too slowly through their case, limited the evidence they can present, and even accused one government lawyer of crying.

On Thursday morning, Mueller's team requested that Ellis issue a "curative instruction" to the jury, saying he has "mistakenly faulted" the prosecution. Andres prompted Gates to point out where the money came from that he had stolen.

"I do somehow think he has gotten his back up personally about Greg Andres".

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Under questioning, Gates said he may have submitted personal expenses for reimbursement by Trump's inaugural committee, which he helped operate.

At times, Ellis has crossed lines, Litman said.

Gates testified this week that he and Manafort committed crimes together. "Mr. Manafort had the same path", Gates said.

"Judge Ellis seems to want the lawyers to try the case the way he would try the case", said Gillers.

"I'm not happy with this judge".

After saying Monday that he committed crimes with Manafort, including concealing offshore accounts to avoid reporting them to the USA government at tax time and claiming false income to get loans, Manafort defense attorney Kevin Downing asked the witness, "This jury is just supposed to believe you after all the lies that you've told and the fraud you've committed?"

A court filing from special counsel Robert Mueller signals that Rick Gates may be assisting the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election beyond the case against Paul Manafort.

The topic came up as Kevin Downing, Manafort's defense attorney, hammered away at Gates' admitted habit of filing doctored expense reports in an attempt to paint Gates as self-motivated and untrustworthy.

On Wednesday, after eliciting an admission from Gates that his plea agreement could be thrown out if he lied, leading to further charges, Downing asked him if had told the Special Counsel "that you actually engaged in four extramarital affairs?"

The bank employees, in emails with Manafort and others, raised concerns they had about Manafort's available cash in his business, the possibility that another property in NY already backed a loan and that the Soho condo was being rented on Airbnb, James testified. The crimes Manafort allegedly committed do not have bearing on that central question, but they were uncovered in the course of the special counsel investigation; this is the first trial resulting from Mueller's probe.

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