Galaxy Note9 is "1TB ready" according to video published by Samsung NZ

Galaxy Note9 is

Galaxy Note9 is "1TB ready" according to video published by Samsung NZ

It seems as though someone in New Zealand truly messed up, as Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 product page was made live in the country alongside the introduction video leaking to its Samsung New Zealand YouTube channel.

The leak occurred when the New Zealand site prematurely sent an EDM for pre-orders.

Samsung Health initially debuted as "S Health" on the Galaxy S3.

The source, as Evan predicted, has since been taken down.

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Collectively, the Note 9 is confirmed to have a 4000 mAh battery, the largest battery Samsung has ever put in a mass-market smartphone.

Samsung had also posted a teaser of the Note 9 which shows that the new device will be a lot more powerful. Samsung is said to follow the same design as the Galaxy Note 8 with some minute changes. However, Samsung will be offering a 512GB storage variant as well, which could perhaps come with 8GB of RAM. The video was eventually pulled down, but was downloaded and then reuploaded to YouTube for us all to see.

Samsung calls the device "1 terabyte ready", which relates to the 512GB SD card being removed from the machine, rather than the Note 9 somehow boasting 1TB of internal storage. Galaxy Note 8 had the fingerprint sensor placed on the right side of the cameras. The company describes the stylus as "all new powerful", It also shows its physical button being pressed. It was revealed in the previous month through a firmware leak that S Pen exists in colors like black, gray, violet/purple, blue and brown which suggested that Note 9 may also arrive in same color variants. If so, hopefully Note 9 buyers will get a discount; the PNY card costs $350. The smartphone could sport a 6.4-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

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