States to sue Trump administration to block blueprints for 3D-printed guns

States to sue Trump administration to block blueprints for 3D-printed guns

States to sue Trump administration to block blueprints for 3D-printed guns

Bob Ferguson doesn't want these plans in your home.

Defense Distributed announced it plans to make 3D gun blueprints - including a single-shot pistol called "The Liberator", an AR-15 lower receiver, and a complete Beretta M9 handgun - available on August 1, after reaching a settlement with the federal government. He told PCMag he plans on fighting all the lawsuits in court.

They argue that these blueprints would allow criminals easy, unfettered access to firearms.

After a lengthy legal battle, the government reached agreement last month with Cody Wilson, a militant gun rights advocate from Texas.

The complaint is not yet available to the public but Ferguson's office says the Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed will be named in the lawsuit as "necessary parties". Per Reuters, the government argued as recently as April of this year that 3D printable guns would fall into the hands of criminal groups and extremists.

Defense Distributed in 2013 was stopped from posting the online gun plans by the State Department. "We must do whatever we can to keep criminals from acquiring and creating these guns".

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Wilson's website welcomed the news by announcing that "the age of the downloadable gun formally begins", according to CNN.

Separately, 21 state attorneys general sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday, saying that the State Department's decision was "deeply unsafe and could have an unprecedented impact on public safety".

"That act requires rational process from our government".

Ferguson has asked the court for a nationwide temporary restraining order to bar the administration from lifting export-control restrictions, a decision he contends is an "about face" reversal from the department's previous position. In June, the government entered into what it called a voluntary settlement of the case after negotiations, and agreed to pay almost $40,000 of Wilson's legal costs.

"The harm to Pennsylvanians would have been immediate and irreversible", Shapiro said in a statement. Durkan said while she was the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington her office considered 3D-printed guns a risky threat for countering terrorism, especially in how the plastic guns could be brought onto commercial flights. "Making [Defense Distributed's files] available through unrestricted access on the Internet would provide any such organization with defense articles, including firearms, at its convenience, subject only to its access to a 3D printer, an item that is widely commercially available".

They say they are "ghost guns" that would be untraceable with no serial numbers and no background checks. He stated that "his office is authorized to file lawsuits to "enjoin" the manufacture, importation, or possession of an undetectable firearm". We'll see if Ferguson is able to stop those downloads from happening. Some reports show Wilson's website has already started to illegally allow new downloads from his website.

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