Thanos Did Nothing Wrong Subreddit Bans Half Its Subscribers

Thanos Did Nothing Wrong Subreddit Bans Half Its Subscribers

Thanos Did Nothing Wrong Subreddit Bans Half Its Subscribers

The subreddit r/thanosdidnothingwrong (firstly, wow, not cool) is now home to 625,584 users, but half will be banned with a click of a mouse button. And now that the Russo Brothers have officially subscribed, members are asking that only one director survive the purge - you know, in the name of flawless balance.

Members of the group spent the next several weeks eagerly anticipating the so-called "Snappening", so named because of the finger-snap with which Thanos ends half of all life in the universe at the movie's conclusion.

Fortunately, those who do receive (and adhere to) the ban can visit either r/SouldWorld or r/InTheSoulStone with others who are also lucky enough to be saved, riffing on the theory that the casualties of Thanos' snap in Infinity War aren't dead per se, but doomed to languish inside the Soul Stone itself.

People aren't mad about it.

The r/ThanosDidNothingWrong subreddit now has more than 575k subscribers.

So dread it, run from it, because whatever happens, if you're part of the subreddit, you could be one of the thousands receiving a ban come the 9th.

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This isn't the first Thanos-related internet concoction to make its way online after the release of "Infinity War", however. They especially asked Josh Brolin a.k.a Thanos to film a video of him recreating his Infinity War snap.

Even the Russo Brothers themselves joined the subreddit just to see what'll happen tomorrow when The Snap happens.

While the July 9th date for the "Snappening" was set two weeks ago, users didn't know exactly when it would occur.

For members of the Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit, the fateful day is finally here.

"Let's manually balance this sh- by unsubscribing ourselves!"

Users even went straight to The-Jedi-Apprentice with their distress. The fate of these banned members is unknown. But what did it cost?

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