Is Super Smash Bros

Is Super Smash Bros

Is Super Smash Bros

From the new trailer, it seems that Super Mario Party has done away with the unusual everyone-travels-together-in-a-car premise and brought the game back to its individual dice-rolling roots.

(Source: Nintendo) When and where can I watch the E3 2018 Nintendo Super Smash Bros. We've provided that overview for you below along with a bunch of other trailers from today's event.

E3 2018 is here and that means all the big companies are poised to reveal a bunch of exciting stuff.

One of the big announcements made about Super Smash Bros Ultimate is that it will bring every character ever featured in a Super Smash Bros game under one roof. Ultimate, Fortnite, and more.

Super Smash Bros, one of Nintendo's most beloved first-party franchises, is coming to the Switch. We'll learn a lot more about Super Smash Bros.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released December 7.

It also introduced more original games, based on the same characters that have been gracing its consoles for over 30 years. The newest character on the roster, Splatoon's Inkling, clocked in at number 64, with the final character revealed, Ridley, making 65 in total.

The battle royale shooter genre has become huge in the last few years, and Fortnite is far and away the leader right now. Starting today, you can download it on the Switch. Nintendo isn't really reinventing the wheel here, even if it is picking up the pace of the game to be more like Melee. There's no Switch-specific content, though.

Ridley was confirmed to be launching with the game. You want a new Mario game? Like on other platforms, gamers on Switch will be able to play against their counterparts on other consoles, as well as the PC (although Sony is blocking cross-platform play with PS4 owners). This one comes exclusively to the Switch on October 5th. Player hoping for a dramatic anime RPG will not be dissapointed in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It looks incredibly neat, and hopefully won't ruin too many friendships. This game won't launch until sometime in 2019. Square's eye-catching new RPG Octopath Traveler will also receive a demo on June 14, immediately following its June 13 release.

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