Davis tells Tory rebels Brexit vote is irreversible

Davis tells Tory rebels Brexit vote is irreversible

Davis tells Tory rebels Brexit vote is irreversible

However one amendment - Dominic Grieve's call for a meaningful vote - is looking increasingly well-supported, not least by Phillip Lee, the former youth justice minister who resigned this morning over the government's handling of Brexit.

But the former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke has urged pro-EU rebels to hold their nerve, arguing that if they succeeded they would strengthen Mrs May's hand against the Brexit hardliners in the Cabinet. "We must think about the message parliament will send to the European Union this week", Ms.

The result followed a day of high drama as a justice minister in May's government resigned in order to back the amendment.

It followed a strained parliamentary session, where the deep divisions opened up by Britain's vote to leave the European Union in 2016 were on display, with lawmakers who oppose the government saying they had received death threats.

The E.U. (Withdrawal) Bill is the draft law that would set the legal framework for Brexit and Ms.

In extraordinary scenes in the House of Commons, May was understood to have seen more than a dozen Tory rebels in her office minutes before voting started, during which she gave them a personal assurance that she would agree to the broad thrust of their proposals and amend the bill in the Lords.

The debates on Lords amendments to the Brexit Bill were hampered by the amount of time taken to vote, also cutting into the time for discussion of the power grab on Scotland's devolved powers.

The Sun had a frontpage of British icons including Stonehenge, a fish and chip shop, a London bus and a football, saying "Great Britain or Great Betrayal".

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Ms. May has said a government defeat would weaken its hand in exit talks with the European Union. After losing her party's majority in parliament at an ill-judged election a year ago, she now relies on the support of a small Northern Irish party and the distance between victory and defeat is narrow.

While the clip may breach parliamentary protocol, Bardell said she was willing to risk it for the sake of democracy.

Earlier, most of the original 11 rebels on the meaningful vote amendment had indicated that they would stand firm.

Davis on Tuesday told the BBC, "that was the decision of the British people. and whatever we do, we're not going to reverse that".

"The people want us to leave the EU".

Rebels had been pushing for an amendment that would have given Parliament unprecedented powers over the final stages of Brexit talks.

Another key vote is on keeping the United Kingdom in European Economic Area, but the proposal has little chance of making it through as Labour is likely to tell its MPs to abstain on the vote.

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