Hopes For Unified G7 Statement Seemingly Dashed After Trump Tweet

Hopes For Unified G7 Statement Seemingly Dashed After Trump Tweet

Hopes For Unified G7 Statement Seemingly Dashed After Trump Tweet

Former prime minister Stephen Harper also shared his perspective on the trade spat between Canada and the U.S. Harper said that although he could understand the United States wanting better trade relations with countries like China and Mexico, he can't "understand the obsession with trade relations with Canada".

He concluded: "Sorry, we can not let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on Trade anymore".

"People can't charge us 270 percent and we charge them nothing, that doesn't work anymore", he said.

That was part of a string of messages in which the president asserted the United States "pays close the the entire cost of NATO" while other member countries take advantage of the USA on trade.

But by ordering his representatives to back out of the communique, Mr Trump appeared to be asserting his oft-stated aim of upsetting the status quo whether by pulling out of the global climate accord or the worldwide nuclear deal with Iran or threats to scrap the North American Free Trade Agreement.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, in general, make financial contributions based on their economic output, and as a result of being the world's biggest economy the United States does contribute a larger amount than other nations.

When pressed on how exactly Trudeau may have betrayed the US, Kudlow revealed that the White House was interpreting Trudeau's comments as a stunt created to threaten Trump's much-anticipated upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un this week.

He contrasted Trudeau's behavior during the meetings, which he characterized as "so meek and mild" with him calling the tariffs "kind of insulting" and saying Canada "will not be pushed around" after the president left.

Other G7 leaders, including May and Merkel, have also spoken out against the US tariffs.

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The annual G7 summit appeared to have weathered tensions over Trump's threats of a trade war on Saturday - until the US president pulled out of a joint statement while citing "false statements" by Trudeau.

Kudlow, a free-trader who joined the administration in March, said Sunday that the United States had in fact been near a substantive agreement with Canada on the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has been the subject of hard negotiations. Canada does indeed impose a 270% tariff on dairy that has kept many US dairy products from making their way from the U.S.to Canada. Trump aides accused Trudeau of betrayal of Trump for his statement on retaliation. "The collapse of USA governance before our eyes". "We make commitments and keep to them", a statement from the French presidency quoted by AFP news agency said. That's what week, dishonest Justin Trudeau did.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland: "Canada does not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks".

Figures that Trump cites in his tweets have often been found to be incorrect or misleading.

In Quebec at the G7 the sherpas, political advisers and draftsmen toiled through two nights to find a form of words that all sides could sign up to.

President Trump did the courtesy to Trudeau to travel up to Quebec for that summit.

The verbal volleys by Navarro and Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, picked up where Trump had left off Saturday evening.

President Trump "is not going to let a Canadian Prime Minister push him around - push him, POTUS, President Trump, around - on the eve of this" North Korean Summit, Kudlow announced. John McCain who responded with a very different message for USA allies: "Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't". Trump suggested Russian Federation rejoin the group after being pushed out in 2014 when it annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula. "Why are we having a meeting without Russian Federation being in the meeting?"

May added, "We have agreed to stand ready to take further restrictive measures against Russian Federation if necessary".

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