Trump wants separate trade deals with Canada, Mexico, says adviser Kudlow

Trump wants separate trade deals with Canada, Mexico, says adviser Kudlow

Trump wants separate trade deals with Canada, Mexico, says adviser Kudlow

The House proposal goes as far as to single out China among a proposed group of hostile nations whose companies could undergo extra scrutiny for national security risks if they seek to buy stakes in United States corporations. U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse, for one, voiced concerns about retaliatory tariffs on the U.S. several months ago.

In addition, China would buy more USA crude oil and natural gas exports to quench its thirst for energy.

The move could create more cross-border economic uncertainty between Washington, Ottawa and Mexico City after Trump imposed metal tariffs on imports from its neighbors. The Republican from Sunnyside warned of "negative unintended consequences" of the Trump administration's decision in a March 7 news release.

The Trump administration used national security grounds as justification for the tariffs, invoking a little-used provision of a trade law from 1962. Bourbon-producing Kentucky and cheese-producing Wisconsin are others.

With its presidential election 26 days away, Mexico's government imposed a 20 percent tariff on US pork, apples and potatoes and 20 to 25 percent tariffs on cheese and bourbon.

Hoffmann said American exports to Mexico have increased five-fold in the last 25 years.

Mexico said it would impose import duties on $3 billion worth of USA products, including cheese, bourbon, pork and others, making good on its threats that it would retailiate for US tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo said that Mexico would now "surely" look to import more pork from Europe. A small amount could be diverted to processing for juice and other products, and some leftover apples could be fed to livestock.

The survey conducted by Politico and Morning Consult shows that 35 percent of voters think that these tariffs will help boost the economy, while about 45 percent of voters said that they believe these tariffs will harm the economy.

Matthew Rooney, a former US state department official in charge of the Canada file during the Obama administration, said there have been hard times in the past.

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However, one Mexican producer disagrees with Hernández's assessment that pork prices won't rise.

"Within the context of the rights that the existing accord gives us, we are answering", Guajardo said.

"Typically", Conley said in an email, US foreign policy views an alliance "as an amplification of American power and strength".

"In no way is this [tariff list] publication revenge. Canada is a whole lot different from Mexico".

If the United States removes its tariffs, Mexico will do the same, Baker added.

In terms of ongoing trade negotiations with China, which Trump is threatening with $50 billion worth of tariffs, Kudlow said that "both sides" had not agreed to a path for Chinese telecoms firm ZTE to restart USA operations.

Trump has since mused about replacing NAFTA with bilateral trade deals with Canada and Mexico - an idea Trudeau said Wednesday is not on.

The two sides are also deadlocked on negotiations over the future of their North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico.

Trudeau was apparently arguing Canada's loyalty directly to the USA president when Trump fired back about the Burning of Washington.

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