Tesla Model S allegedly in Autopilot hits parked police vehicle

Tesla Model S allegedly in Autopilot hits parked police vehicle

Tesla Model S allegedly in Autopilot hits parked police vehicle

A Tesla driver suffered only minor injuries Tuesday after her sedan crashed into a parked Laguna Beach police vehicle while in autopilot mode, officials said.

The collision happened at 11:07AM local time, Laguna Beach PD told the LA Times. The police cruiser was empty of officers at the time of the crash. The driver of the Tesla reportedly suffered some minor injuries, but nothing that required immediate treatment.

The latest crash involving a Tesla in Autopilot mode didn't turn tragic, as some past ones have, but certainly was embarrassing.

Tesla (TSLA) has faced scrutiny in recent months for several accidents involving its cars, including instances where drivers had engaged the vehicle's Autopilot system.

Tesla has repeatedly said drivers must be attentive, keep their hands on the wheel, and be able to take control of the vehicle when using Autopilot, which is not a fully autonomous system.

The Tesla sedan was driving outbound when it struck a parked Laguna Beach police auto, the Laguna Beach police department said Tuesday. In January, a Model S crashed into a parked fire truck in California while on autopilot.

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However, last week Tesla settled a lawsuit alleging the semi-autonomous autopilot feature was "essentially unusable and demonstrably risky".

Elon Musk's tetchy mood of late is unlikely to be lightened by the latest report of a Tesla crash.

Though engineers say that self-driving cars are likely going to be safer than human-piloted ones - humans are in the aggregate very unsafe drivers - there's something about either the concept or the companies developing them that seems to send up red flags in the minds of the public.

That crash came just two months after a Bay Area man died when his Tesla Model X slammed into a concrete barrier, according to ABC California station KABC.

The crash has similarities to other incidents, including a fatal crash in Florida where the driver's "over-reliance on vehicle automation" was determined as a probable cause.

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