Mycoplasma Bovis Forced New Zealand Government Decide The Slaughter Of 150,000 Cows

Mycoplasma Bovis Forced New Zealand Government Decide The Slaughter Of 150,000 Cows

Mycoplasma Bovis Forced New Zealand Government Decide The Slaughter Of 150,000 Cows

A massive 150,000 cows will be culled as the Government pushes ahead with eradication attempts.

In an effort to eradicate the cow disease Mycoplasma bovis, New Zealand will cull more than 100,00 cows from its national herd.

"Newly appointed science adviser Dr John Roche has been tasked with researching new tools for the fight against Mycoplasma bovis".

"Standing back and allowing the disease to spread would simply create more anxiety for all farmers", she said.

Politicians and industry leaders announced the ambitious plan on Monday.

The decision was taken to "protect the base of our economy - the farming sector", Ardern said.

The disease, which is common in many countries, was first detected in New Zealand at a farm in the South Island last July and some 37 properties have now tested positive for the illness. Found in Europe and the USA, the bacteria can cause cows to develop mastitis, pneumonia, arthritis and other diseases.

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Many healthy cows will also be killed. Some of the slaughtered cattle may be used for beef, but others will be buried on farms or in landfill.

According to reports, the officials in New Zealand have the right to kill the cows and enter any farm if they doubt that the farm might be affected.

Katie Milne, president of the advocacy group Federated Farmers, said they would try to ensure that farmers received the financial and emotional support they required.

"This is a tough call - no one ever wants to see mass culls", she said. They support farmers with information and advice on the practical aspects of the controls.

1 NEWS visited a Canterbury farmer hugely affected by the cattle cull, announced by the government yesterday. The dairy herd of the country reportedly has around 6.6 million cows.

New Zealand's dairy sector contributes about NZ$7.8 billion annually to the country's gross domestic product and accounts for around a fifth of the country's exports. It has been found on about 40 farms so far, but 192 farms are likely to be involved in the culling.

Should a farmer protest the slaughter, New Zealand authorities can legally force the process.

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