Apple’s HomePod will soon be available in Canada, France, and Germany

Apple’s HomePod will soon be available in Canada, France, and Germany

Apple’s HomePod will soon be available in Canada, France, and Germany

Apple's developer showcase WWDC 2018 is coming up fast (it kicks off June 4), and should bring news of new developments for Siri, augmented reality and Apple's burgeoning arsenal of OSes (iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 are among our favourite typographical challenges).

AirPlay 2 was announced before the HomePod, but AirPlay 2 unlocks many features in the speaker, including multi-room and stereo pairing (the ability to use separate HomePods as left and right speakers). You can find it under Settings General Software Update.

First and foremost, this feature is exclusive to iOS 11.4.

Apple introduced AirPlay in 2011 which was first known as AirTunes.

AirPlay 2 lets users control their home audio system and AirPlay 2 compatible speakers by syncing them and playing music at the same time.

Right now Amazon's Alexa smart assistant can also control third-party speakers like Sonos, while you can't ask Google Assistant via Google Home speaker to play music to a Sonos speaker.

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Apple's is also streamlining its iMessage service, which can now be backed up through its iCloud data service to sync all messages across your devices. Having said that, Apple is offering features such as location sensing and advanced beamforming to take on the competition.

But Messages in Cloud didn't make it to the initial release of iOS 11 last September, and while it's shown up in a few betas since then, Apple has never rolled out the feature to the public at large. All previous message conversations which were synced with iCloud will appear when you set up a iOS device with the same account. You can see all your Messages on different devices logged in with the same Apple ID. He also thinks it will focus on ARKit technology to make for a more compelling user experience.

You can enable this feature by going to Settings Apple ID iCloud.

Messages in iCloud have been coming soon for nearly a while now, and its good the firm is finally delivering on their promise.

Of course, AirPlay 2 also gives an update to Apple's own HomePod speaker. iOS 11.4 adds stereo support, allowing users to use pairs of HomePod devices for multi-channel audio playback.

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