GDPR - What have we done?

GDPR - What have we done?

GDPR - What have we done?

You've probably heard a lot about it (or at least ignored it) in your inbox, but today's the day!

At the most basic level, GDPR expands what counts as personal data and your rights over that data. We urge you to read our updated Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies policy to get a better understanding of this change. On this issue a very clear guideline of the European data protection authorities has already been published in November 2017.

The U.S. does not have any such similar laws in place or soon to be in place to protect American consumers.

The regulations are aimed at personal data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union - but also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. Individuals also have the right to access data accumulated by companies and can ask that their data be transferred to another service provider or company.

He continued: "Is it really free and not detrimental [to take] the approach where you say: 'This is what you should accept".

European Union regulators have always been much tougher on tech companies than their US counterparts, for instance forcing them to give users more control, imposing fines for noncompliance and requiring platforms to spot and delete illegal content. Plus, that consent must be easy to withdraw or change. Other companies may not need to rely on consent for marketing communications. And of course a law equivalent to what we have in the European Union would make the transfers of data from the European Union to the United States easier and legally more certain.

Schrems has been fighting Facebook over data protection for nearly a decade.

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Data controllers will have to immediately notify consumers about the risks and measures taken to mitigate any data breaches, such as changing passwords or cancelling credit cards. Strong data protection rules are the basis for a functioning Digital Single Market and for the online economy to prosper.

Here we look at some of the overzealous measures Norfolk employers have taken to keep personal data safe under the new rules. But in the US, it is. It affects any company that handles the personal information of anyone in Europe, and that means any company that does business in Europe, even if it's based in the United States or somewhere else in the world.

The right to rectification: If a data subject finds out that a company has data on them that's incorrect, they can request that it gets updated.

The GDPR is an effort to transfer more control over personal data, like addresses and phone numbers, from large companies back to individuals, affecting how companies obtain, use, store and secure data.

For example, Apple has launched a new privacy portal where people can download all their personal data or delete their account, in other words providing people with the rights of access and erasure.

Another right users will now have is the right to anonymity. And companies are required to tell customers about any hacks or data leaks within three days.

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