Million Fake Facebook Accounts Banned So Far In 2018

Million Fake Facebook Accounts Banned So Far In 2018

Million Fake Facebook Accounts Banned So Far In 2018

Facebook said it released the report to start a dialog about harmful content on the platform, and how it enforces community standards to combat it.

It also took down or applied warning labels to 3.5 million posts of graphic violence, and removed 2.5 million hate speech posts, 837 million spam posts and 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of this year.

Most of the action Facebook took to remove bad content is around spam and the fake accounts used to distribute it.

Elsewhere, Facebook removed 21 million pieces of content classified as adult nudity or sexual activity and took down or applied warning labels to almost 3.5 million pieces of violent content during the quarter.

To distinguish the many shades of offensive content, Facebook separates them into categories: graphic violence, adult nudity/sexual activity, terrorist propaganda, hate speech, spam and fake accounts.

But most of Facebook's removal efforts centered on spam and fake accounts promoting it. A Washington Post report earlier this month found that the company's facial-recognition tool, which the company says could help spot impostor accounts, reviews only a small fraction of the site's roughly 2 billion monthly active users. For every 10,000 views of content on Facebook, the company said, roughly 8 of them were removed for featuring sex or nudity in the first quarter, up from 7 views at the end of previous year.

Facebook's internal technology flagged adult nudity or sexual content about 96% of the time before it was reported by users, according to the report.

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Hate speech was the only one that Facebook's detection tech could not quite get a handle on, as only 38 percent of the posts that were removed were flagged that way. The problem with trying to proactively scour Facebook for hate speech is that the company's AI can only understand so much at the moment.

As Mark said at F8 we have a lot of work still to do to prevent abuse.

"For example, artificial intelligence isn't good enough yet to determine whether someone is pushing hate or describing something that happened to them so they can raise awareness of the issue". The company attributed the decline to the "variability of our detection technology's ability to find and flag" fakes.

It claimed to detect nearly 100 percent of spam and to have removed 837 million posts assimilated to spam over the same period.

Mr Rosen said making the figures public will "push" the company to improve more quickly.

It's also why we are publishing this information.

Facebook, the world's largest social media firm, has never previously released detailed data about the kinds of posts it takes down for violating its rules.

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