Stand for Gaza: Pro-Palestine & Pro-Israel Protesters Face off in London

Stand for Gaza: Pro-Palestine & Pro-Israel Protesters Face off in London

Stand for Gaza: Pro-Palestine & Pro-Israel Protesters Face off in London

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered on the Gaza border Friday for the sixth week of protests in which dozens have already been killed by Israeli fire.

A senior IDF security official warned that next week's Gaza protests, set to coincide with Nakba Day ('The Catastrophe in Arabic) and the United States embassy move, are expected to be the most violent of the string of protests to date, Haaretz reported on Friday.

From the Balfour declaration in 1917 to the Nakba in 1948; from Israel's 50-year-old military rule over the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights, and the illegal annexation of East Jerusalem, to Israel's ongoing policies of dispossession, fragmentation and exploitation; from Israel's cracking down on the "Great March of Return" in Gaza to its ongoing efforts to destroy the Palestinian community of Umm al-Hiran in southern Israel.

The latest bloody attack by Israel came only a few days after President Donald Trump announced that the USA was pulling out of the Iran nuclear accord and would enforce punishing economic sanctions against Iran.

A Palestinian protester was killed and 49 were wounded by Israeli army fire during demonstrations on the Gaza-Israel border, the Gaza Health Ministry has said.

The American Administration is preparing the move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next week, since U.S. president Donald Trump declared the city as the capital of Israel amid rising tensions and worldwide criticism. Gaza is run by the Hamas movement. Citing security concerns, Israel maintains tight control over its land and sea borders.

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Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar declared on May 10 that he hopes that Palestinians are able to penetrate the Israel-Gaza fence during the upcoming riots, which is essentially an admission that this has been Hamas's goal all along.

In recent Fridays, Palestinian protesters have burned tires along the fence, hurled stones at Israeli troops and flown incendiary kites over dry fields on the Israeli side of the border.

This week the IDF has said it will attempt to keep the protesters further away from the fence than they have been in previous protests.

The demonstration was held ahead of the 70th anniversary of the "Nakba", the displacement of Palestinians that began with the establishment of Israel.

Many of Jordan's residents are descendants of Palestinian refugees.

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