Ford To End US Focus Production In May; Taurus, Fiesta In 2019

Ford To End US Focus Production In May; Taurus, Fiesta In 2019

Ford To End US Focus Production In May; Taurus, Fiesta In 2019

Given how long Ford has been making cars, over the years they have built up a portfolio consisting of several models catered to different customers and uses.

With a history of 115 years, Ford Motor Company has been more known by the names of -The Model T, the '32 deuce coupe, the Thunderbird, the Mustang. In a reply to a comment on Twitter, Michael Martinez said the next-gen model was supposed to go into production mid-2020 as a 2021MY, but plans to develop a new one were scrapped in December past year.

While the move by Fiat Chrysler paid off handsomely for the company - it nearly halved its net industrial debts in the first quarter of the change - the move was still very risky.

Company adjusted EBIT of $2.2 billion was down from a year ago, due to commodity cost increases and adverse exchange rates Ford said.

Europe was the only region outside of the turn a profit for Ford.

According to Jalopnik, a Ford spokesperson told the outlet that the dates were accurate. And executives said they're reviewing strategic plans for South America, a market where Ford has been consistently losing money.

Shanks wouldn't say if employees would be cut but said nothing is off the table. The automaker has been under pressure from investors to improve its product lineup and lift its profit margins.

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The Mustang muscle vehicle will be all that's spared from Ford's slashing of its sedan lineup in North America.

On Wednesday the automaker confirmed rumors that it will phase out traditional sedan vehicles in North America over the next few years and shift focus on SUVs and trucks.

It signals the end of the Fusion, Taurus, Focus, Fiesta and their RS and ST variants.

"It's not that the market has permanently given up on good news ever happening at Ford", said David Whiston, an analyst with Morningstar Inc. who recently lowered his rating on the stock to the equivalent of a hold.

"We are committed to taking the appropriate actions to drive profitable growth and maximize the returns of our business over the long term", Jim Hackett, Ford president and CEO, said.

However, Advertising Age noted that analysts predicted the future of the Lincoln Continental and MKZ sedans remain in doubt because they share platforms with numerous Ford marques that are due to be scrapped. "But most people aren't expecting it until late 2019 or 2020 and that brings up the wild card of, 'Will we be in a recession by then?'"

"It's been easy to identify what's wrong and what we need to do about it". The hand-wringing maybe that has been around in our business is gone.

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