Snapchat AR Game Lenses 'Snappables': What You Need To Know

Snapchat AR Game Lenses 'Snappables': What You Need To Know

Snapchat AR Game Lenses 'Snappables': What You Need To Know

That doesn't quite compare to Snapchat's new AR games feature, "Snappables", which consists of games that let you control what's happening using your face.

No boring moment when using Snapchat-especially with the introduction of "Snappables", a new way to play augmented reality games with your friends. These let you play games - like a dance-off or basketball - through touch, motion, and facial expressions. Multiple Snapchat users can play Snappables games such as fighting aliens, activated by the users' facial experiences.

Earlier today, we told you that some Snapchat users are testing a revised UI that once again has stories from a member's friends and family in the same location as content from celebrities, brands, publishers and media.

On Wednesday, Snap announced on its website its new Lenses, called "Snappables". The Snapchat Lens Studio is a self-serve platform that allows developers and creators its augmented reality tools. Snapchat recently made a drastic user interface change that angered users (even some celebrities commented on it). Just choose one and get your game face on!

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Open the latest version of the Snapchat app. Instead of swiping left where you find your filters, swipe right and start playing some games and even go up against your friends if you feel like being competitive. Just wait for a notification or check the Google Play page within the week to see if it's available already so you can start doing those weird gestures and expressions in public.

The Lens row will then pop up alongside the shutter button.

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