Watch the First 4 Minutes of Fear the Walking Dead

Watch the First 4 Minutes of Fear the Walking Dead

Watch the First 4 Minutes of Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 8 has only just finished, but you're already looking for a way to fill up that missing hour of TV in your week. "It just seemed that for his sendoff from "The Walking Dead" and the start of his journey here [on "Fear the Walking Dead"], we should see what he was running away from", Chambliss explained.

Rick has finally put an end to Negan's reign of terror, but rather than giving Negan a taste of his own medicine, Officer Friendly chose to throw the villain in jail as an example of a more civilized future. What's most surprising is that no one important died in The Walking Dead season 8 finale! In the moment, it's hard to tell how Rick takes the news; on one hand, would it be easier to accept his son's death, if he had been forced to fight the walker to defend himself and his new friend? "We have to make it right", Maggie says with tears in her eyes. They realized their unfortunate situation when they heard eerie Saviors' whistling, a callback to an earlier trap that resulted in the bludgeoning murders of Abraham and pregnant Maggie's husband, Glenn. Then, presumably, loaded all the faulty bullets into the Saviors' arsenal. All their guns exploded in their hands, courtesy of defective ammunition designed by Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who had secretly switched allegiances again. The good news: There's a definitive answer to Negan's fate.

The battle turned immediately, but the disarmed enemies quickly surrendered and slaughter was avoided.

Once loyal, she declares that she's now out for blood, "Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira)".

His allegiances never actually switched back and he continued to help Hilltop from the inside. This effectively neutralized Negan's army and left them helpless against Rick and his group. But, a swift kick, a tearful invocation of Carl's philosophy of peace and a precision dagger swipe to the throat felled Negan. We're here for characters we've come to know and love fighting back against Big Bads amid a backdrop of zombies with plenty of twists and turns along the way. It echoed their first meaningful encounter with the group as they carried Maggie (Lauren Cohan) through the woods as she suffered a bad bout of plot convenience disease (who may or may not be pregnant considering how they've ignored that aspect for the past year-and-a-half or so),.

"Spoilers for the Season 8 finale of "#The Walking Dead" follow below.

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The remainder of the episode played out in mostly peaceful terms. Without any other option, Rick charges towards Negan and the two leaders get into a wild physical fight.

It has been long-known that "The Walking Dead" alum Lennie James will be transitioning to the AMC show's spin-off "Fear the Walking Dead".

Still, Negan assaults Rick, breaking the protagonist's leg.

While we still don't know which character will be crossing over along with Morgan, several media outlets are speculating the involvement of characters like Norman Reedus' Daryl, Corey Hawkins' Heath and Lauran Cohan's Maggie. It was there when Rick said, "Save him.' It's amusing".

"Yeah, we will", Daryl says about showing Rick and Michonne how their decision will impact the future. "Yeah, we will", he said.

John offers up his story easily - eager to have finally found people to talk to after so long - but Morgan takes some prodding before he reveals a bit about his time in Atlanta, Virginia and the war he just finished participating.

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