Baby born four years after parents died in auto crash

Baby born four years after parents died in auto crash

Baby born four years after parents died in auto crash

A baby of a Chinese couple who died more than four years ago has been born to a surrogate mother.

The boy, called Tiantian - Sweetie in Mandarin - was born in a hospital in China's Guangdong province, "after his grandparents won a year-long court battle to use a frozen embryo".

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Tiantian's parents had intended on having a baby through in-vitro fertilization (IFV) and froze several embryos.

The couple's parents had to file two lawsuits to legally claim four fertilized embryos produced by the couple at a hospital in Nanjing.

At that point, a second major hurdle arose: Surrogacy has been illegal in China since 2001, when the Health Ministry banned it on "ethical principles", and no other hospital in the country was willing to take in the embryos.

In Laos, the embryo was implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother who finally gave birth to a boy in December 2017.

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The case raises complex juridical and ethical questions caused by medical advances. However, given the legal uncertainty regarding non-implanted embryos, it was hard to accept a hospital in China to take care of them.

The thermos-sized bottle of liquid nitrogen containing the embryos had to be transported by vehicle as no aircraft was willing to transport it.

In December past year, the baby "boy" was born in a hospital. The surrogate was shot on the tourist visa into China before the little one was first born.

The grandparents have not decided how to tell Tiantian about his background. All four grandparents submitted DNA samples to prove that they were biologically related to the baby and maintain custody, according to the Beijing News.

They've made a decision to tell Tiantian his parents are overseas until he is old enough to understand how he was born.

He said: "For sure we will tell him what happened - what choice do we have?"

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