Pentagon: US Policy on Fighting in Syria 'Unchanged'

Pentagon: US Policy on Fighting in Syria 'Unchanged'

Pentagon: US Policy on Fighting in Syria 'Unchanged'

Yet since 2014, the U.S., Turkey's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, has chosen to partner with the People's Protection Units (YPG) - a militia linked to the PKK terrorist organization - in order to fight ISIS, a different terrorist group.

It also can be seen as a desperate move by the Trump administration to maintain some modicum of influence in the Middle East in the face of its role rapidly being replaced by the influence of Russia, Iran and now Turkey. Meantime, these advisers envision being influential in the eastern portion of Syria that borders on the Sunni-controlled portion of western Iraq to help stymie the forward movement of Iran and the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq comprised mainly of Shiite fighters. Now he has agreed they can stay long enough to complete the elimination of several pockets of Islamic State militants and to train local forces to police the large area controlled by US allies.

Not only are there Islamic terrorists still fighting in Syria, Maginnis says, but Iran and Russian Federation are also operating on the ground there, and the US must prevent them from expanding their operations in the area.

Under the headline, "Trump's mind-boggling gift to America's enemies", the Post took note of Trump's belated climb-down before the demands of his "national security team", and then warned of the devastating consequences that a pullout from Syria would have for the interests of USA imperialism.

Shortly before the meeting, Trump signaled that countries that want the remain in Syria may have to pay for the continued military presence, singling out Saudi Arabia.

That forced a pause in operations against the main IS holdout in Syria.

The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Turkey focused on Syria at a tripartite summit in Ankara Wednesday.

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USA and Kurdish officers had warned of an IS resurgence when Turkey attacked the town of Afrin in northwestern Syria in March to drive out the main Kurdish militia, known as the YPG.

In Syria, however, the United States made a decision to create bases in Kurdish-controlled areas taken back by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is comprised mainly of Kurds and Arab fighters.

IS has lost nearly all the territory it once controlled in Syria and Iraq, land that had encompassed a third of those countries. Once again, Syrians are left highly vulnerable under a regime that killed them and destroyed their country, while Syria itself is left as a field of conflict for many forces and armies.

"As in other issues, especially in foreign policy, Trump's pronouncements differ from the bureaucracies' actual policy on the ground", Eland said.

Obama tried to say that the American mission in Iraq had ended, while Trump seems to want to leave Syria to fall into chaos and cause hostilities among the rival parties. To him, allies are just clients and wars are just business deals. "(The former has been a clear USA objective since 2003)", Brenner said.

Trump appears to be unconcerned with such potential consequences, dramatically scaling back USA goals in Syria amid disagreements with his aides and national security team. "We've completed that task". The problem, according to a State Department official who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations, is that the extremist group is entrenched in the remaining territory it holds in Syria.

Dillon, the coalition spokesman, said he would not speculate on anything that's going to happen in the future. Above all, an American withdrawal would allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to be the biggest player and maybe even the only one in Syria, which would have repercussions for Syrians and the region as a whole.

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