Marvel's Spider-Man Finally Has A Release Date

Marvel's Spider-Man Finally Has A Release Date

Marvel's Spider-Man Finally Has A Release Date

We've learned a lot about the upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4 today. Outside of the LEGO games, Marvel has struggled to find its footing so it's crucial that this title succeeds.

Citizens of the USA and Canada who buy the Digital Deluxe Edition will also get a collectible pin of Spider-Man via mail, as reported by's Liana Ruppert.

Marvel's Spider-Man will feature XP and level up system.

There's also the more expensive Collector's Edition which is $149.99 and includes all of the aforementioned digital content as well as a Steelbook case, a mini artbook by Titan Books, and a statue by Gentle Giant.

May's digital issue of Game Informer will drop April 4 with the print releasing April 6. Each chapter is supplemented by new missions, villains, characters, and suits for Spider-Man to try on.

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"Our Spider-Man is obviously a more experienced Spider-Man".

Additionally, players will obtain three extra costumes and a special Spider-Drone gadget. If you are a Prime member, though, you can get the game for 20 percent off with your pre-order! Buyers also get 5 extra in-game Skill Points, a Spider-Man PS4 avatar, and a Spider-Man PS4 theme. No word yet on how the physical pin will be fulfilled.

The Spider-Man game also has various Spidey suits which come with pre-orders. It's set in an open-world New York City, and features web-slinging, wall-crawling, stealth, and action as Spidey tussles with a new gang called the Inner Demons. That'd be awesome to have Sora dressed as Spider-Man! It's possible that this is a result of needing to "level up" Spider-Man in much the same way we had to back in the Spider-Man 2 days.

The showstopper is, of course, the Collector's Edition. The game takes on numerous hallmarks of the Batman Arkham games that went on to assume numerous top spots in video game top ten lists.

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