Foxes report gender pay gap

Foxes report gender pay gap

Foxes report gender pay gap

Women working at the Isle of Wight Council are paid less on average than men, according to figures published by the local authority today (Wednesday). In 2017, the company launched a female mentoring scheme.

Research conducted by Business in the Community found 92% of female respondents would use gender pay gap data to choose between two potential employers.

New research shows that 23 million* people would consider ditching their bank if it has a high gender pay gap.


So how did our region do? In finance, women are paid 40 per cent less than men because of these career gaps they have to take.

But there were exceptions. At the University of East London (UEL) women earned 8.7pc less then men per hour on average. "Many of the causes of the gender pay gap lie outside the workplace, and will require a partnership between companies and Government if we are to deliver long-term, lasting change".

The news comes after a report by Johnston Press - the parent company of The News, Portsmouth - revealed a mean gender pay gap of 15.1 per cent, as well as more males than females in management roles and a predominantly male Senior Management Team. However, the mean pay gap is 22.7% and the bonus gap is 45% (mean) - but just 0.2% based on a median measure. This matches the mean national pay gap pay, and is only 1 per cent better than the median national pay gap. Arsenal said its mean pay gap drops from 80% to 17% when players were removed from the calculation.

On average, women with seven to 10 years of experience, for example, ask for about 90 cents on the dollar and are offered slightly more - 93 cents for every dollar a man is offered.

Many companies in these sectors share a problem: Men dominate the top ranks of their pay scale, and they tend to have more women in junior roles.

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That puts it far ahead of the United Kingdom median average of 18 percent, and also substantially ahead of the pay gap in the retail and IT industries.

FA chairman Greg Clarke said: "The number of men applying for jobs at the FA is significantly higher than the number of women and so we are working hard to improve the pipeline in the early stages of recruitment to increase the possibility of hiring a more balanced workforce".

"But for all the welcome progress in the decades since, major injustices still hold too many women back".

Medical equipment manufacturer Bespak Europe had a median pay gap of 30.1%.

Businesses that have not yet filed their gender pay gap data are scrambling to publish their figures before midnight tonight, the final deadline.

But the gender pay gap is widest at soccer clubs, airlines, financial firms and select fashion brands.

KFC, Matalan, Starbucks, Costa, McDonald's and Primark, British Museum and the armed forces have no gender pay gap. The hourly median gap was 24%, with men being paid more.

The disparity is a result of Apple's leadership ranks being filled with men. All businesses employing 250 or more people had to comply or face a fine.

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