Apple snaps up Google's former AI boss to improve Siri

Apple snaps up Google's former AI boss to improve Siri

Apple snaps up Google's former AI boss to improve Siri

VP of Core Search Ben Gomes is looking at a promotion in the former department, whereas artificial intelligence is getting its own separate unit, to be managed by renowned computer scientist Jeff Dean, who's been with Google for almost two decades now. Many analysts in the tech industry consider Apple's native voice-driven personal assistant to be "less effective than its counterparts", including Amazon's Alexa and Google's own Google Assistant.

As we learnt in an in-depth report last month, Apple's Siri has been lagging behind rivals like Alexa and the Google Assistant because of numerous missteps by the company over the years.

Forum discussion at Twitter. The company is already hard at work on self-driving cars, and incorporates AI into its voice assistant, Siri, just to name a couple of the more prominent possible use cases for Giannandrea's help. The news comes a day after he announced his exit from Google, reports The New York Times. He's now in charge of Google's entire AI unit and will now focus on how AI will be implemented across its products.

Giannandrea's loss is unlikely to hinder Google's AI team who will now have Jeff Dean, a talented AI veteran and co-founder of Google Brain, at its head.

Part of this is due to Apple's relative dearth of AI development, especially when held up against the hundreds of researchers advancing the field for Google and Facebook. He will report directly to CEO Tim Cook.

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With Giannandrea leading the AI department Apple is looking forward to hiring more top-level talent and improve its algorithms.

Thus, Giannandrea's first task will be homogenizing Siri across the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod. Now that John Giannandrea is with Apple, we can be sure that Apple will receive access to Google's prized information.

John Giannandrea, who is affectionately called colleagues, was absorbed by Google when the search giant bought Metaweb. Apple stresses user privacy to a greater degree than Google, which offers free and ad-supported services with the understanding that Google might use your data to improve its technology.

Apple has said it wants to be able to train the neural networks behind its AI efforts without compromising the company's ethical stance on user privacy, and it will be Giannandrea's job to make that happen.

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