President Donald Trump Says There Won't Be A Deal For DACA Recipients

President Donald Trump Says There Won't Be A Deal For DACA Recipients

President Donald Trump Says There Won't Be A Deal For DACA Recipients

President Donald Trump railed against immigrants, Mexico, and Democrats in a series of tweets on Sunday and Monday that suggested a caravan of immigrants reportedly traveling toward the US are trying to take advantage of a program they would not qualify for.

In his tweets, Trump also declared the end of a deal on DACA, a program that has protected young immigrants who were brought to the their parents from deportation.

Trump has been all over the map on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program after unilaterally ending it past year.

Trump administration officials are working on a new package of legislation aimed at closing what they describe as immigration "loopholes". And we wanted to include DACA in this bill. Trump ended the DACA program after using it to try and strike a deal with Democrats. "I don't believe we have a reliable partner" in negotiations that are now dormant.

As concern grows daily about the risky drugs, and criminal immigrants flowing into the country from the Mexican border, Trump blamed Mexico directly.

He said that the US has "no effective border laws" and called on Congress to "immediately pass Border Legislation" again suggesting lawmakers invoke the "nuclear option" to abolish the filibuster.

Taking to his Twitter account, Trump asked Republicans to pass tougher immigration laws now, claiming "our country is being stolen". "Some laughed and others said they thought (correctly) they wouldn't qualify", wrote Adolfo Flores, the BuzzFeed reporter traveling with the caravan, on Twitter. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly did not travel with him, but senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a proponent of hard-line immigration policies, has been with Trump.

Trump is now calling on Congress to invoke the "nuclear option", which would allow the Senate to pass immigration legislation with 50 votes, instead of the 60 votes that are needed today.

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Cindy Agustin, 28, a DACA recipient and immigration activist in Chicago, said the impasse over the program was breeding fear and uncertainty.

In a flurry of tweets over the weekend, President Trump made it clear to Mexico that, if the do nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs, the U.S. will lock them out of the lucrative North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Mexico routinely stops and deports undocumented Central Americans, sometimes in numbers that rival those of the United States.

Trump's decision to quash any remaining hopes of a Daca deal drew criticism on Sunday. Mexico has refused to pay.

Trump rejected one deal with Democrats which would have funded a border wall, which he promised throughout his campaign for the White House would be paid for by Mexico. "It's just the reality that there are so many people claiming and being entitled to hearings that we don't have the ability to provide those hearings, and they are being released into the community, and they're not coming back for their hearings", Sessions said.

"'Caravans' coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW".

Trump then tied the North American Free Trade Agreement, now being re-negotiated by the United States, Mexico, and Canada, to Trump's campaign promise to build a border wall along the southern USA border. They send them into the United States. "For whatever reason Trump is conflating two different issues, DACA and reasons these people are on the caravan. He's in the Oval Office" of the White House, Durbin said referring to Trump.

U.S. President Donald Trump waves to the media as he arrives with first lady Melania Trump at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, U.S., after the Easter weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, April 1, 2018. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has dismissed that option in the past, saying Republicans will welcome the filibuster if they return to being the Senate minority. Trump is looking for the Senate to the change its rules so that bills can be passed with a simple 51-vote majority.

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