Apple Music Adds New Ad-Free Music Videos Section in Browse

Apple Music Adds New Ad-Free Music Videos Section in Browse

Apple Music Adds New Ad-Free Music Videos Section in Browse

iOS 11.3 adds new features to show battery health of an iPhone and recommend if a battery needs to be serviced.

Introduced as part of iOS 10.2.1 in January 2017, this "power management feature", as Apple calls it, was meant to ensure that aging batteries could keep up with newer mobile OSes and to avoid crashes.

Now, a new function included in the company's upcoming operating system, iOS 11.3, will allow you to de-throttle your phone if you so choose. There will be this text, followed by a blue link that says "Disable:" "This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power".

The introduction of ARKit with iOS 11 put augmented reality into the hands of hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users, making iOS the world's biggest AR platform.

The iOS 11.3 update also brings new lion, bear, dragon, and skull Animojis to iPhone X users.

Ex-Catalan minister Clara Ponsati arrested in Scotland
Former Catalan minister Clara Ponsati had earlier turned herself in to authorities in Scotland face arrest under a European warrant.

Nvidia suspends self-driving tests globally
This data is processed just like it is actually coming from the sensors of a vehicle on the road-at speeds of 30 times per second. Autonomous-driving companies have also been using simulators built for gaming to train their algorithms.

Supporter Roseanne Barr gives cringe-worthy interview to Jimmy Kimmel
Actress Roseanne Barr attends the Disney ABC Television TCA Winter Press Tour on January 8, 2018, in Pasadena, California. Kimmel then said: "How about Captain Wacko we got running the country?" And she's back with quite a resume in hand.

While iOS 11.3 has now rolled out to select Apple devices, the release is less exciting for those who are looking to fully unlock their phones. The company expects that developers will use ARKit to create experiences like interactive movie posters and museums filled with dynamic virtual exhibits.

Here, you'll find content that is exclusive to Apple Music, such as new videos from Beck and A Tribe Called Quest, as well as playlists, genres, and other new content.

Apple this evening has released iTunes 12.7.4 to users, bringing the new Music Video section to the desktop.

Apple simply notes that their latest update to the HomePod software "includes general improvements for stability and quality".

One of the major fallouts from Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal is that everyone is now suddenly aware of just how much data Facebook and similar apps and sites collect about you.

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