Nvidia suspends self-driving tests globally

Nvidia suspends self-driving tests globally

Nvidia suspends self-driving tests globally

GTC and the global GTC event series offer valuable training and a showcase of the most vital work in the computing industry today - including artificial intelligence and deep learning, virtual reality, and self-driving cars. Nvidia's 2018 GTC is the company's largest so far, with almost 8000 registered attendees.

NVIDIA today introduced a cloud-based system for testing autonomous vehicles using photorealistic simulation - creating a safer, more scalable method for bringing self-driving cars to the roads. (NVDA) announced on Tuesday that it will suspend its self-driving vehicle tests around the world.

Besides the benefit of safety, virtualizing the road test makes it possible to train the algorithm much faster, the company said. "It's the ultimate high performance computing problem to enable safe autonomous driving".

"How confident are you when your fleet of test cars over 20 has driven about a million miles?"

Constellation is a new solution for the data center as well.

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"We should, as good engineers, simply wait to see if we can learn something from that experience", Huang said. Autonomous-driving companies have also been using simulators built for gaming to train their algorithms. Having multiple servers helps with this.

The second server is Nvidia's Drive Pegasus AI auto computer that runs a full autonomous-vehicle software stack, processing the simulated data the same way it would process data from a real self-driving auto. This data is processed just like it is actually coming from the sensors of a vehicle on the road-at speeds of 30 times per second.

The simulation server is powered by NVIDIA GPUs, each one generating a stream of simulated sensor data, which then feeds into the DRIVE Pegasus for processing.

Drive Constellation allows automakers and other developers to validate and strengthen the technology through billions of driving miles that allow for testing in hard scenarios. It can simulate a rainstorm, or bright sunlight at different times of the day, or complete darkness. Nvidia will suspend its autonomous vehicle testing in public roads for a limited time. "NVIDIA's end-to-end platform is the right approach".

DRIVE Constellation will be available to early access partners in the third quarter of 2018.

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