Fortnite's Double Shotgun Problem is Back With New Weapon

Fortnite's Double Shotgun Problem is Back With New Weapon

Fortnite's Double Shotgun Problem is Back With New Weapon

Though its initial launch was rife with controversy, many calling the online game a copy cat to its chicken dinner counterpart, opinions quickly changed when players saw how different it truly was and how dedicated Epic Games were to the community. I played the "save the world" mode for tons of hours, and I still casually enjoy it.

One of the hottest games on the planet is Fortnite. His live stream - on which he joined the shoot-'em'-up adventure "Fortnite" with players including video-game star Ninja - drew 628,000 viewers, Twitch said, far outpacing the previous record of 388,000. In fact, development on Battle Royale wasn't even started until around the time Save the World released.

The adult video-streaming company also noticed a general game trend forming when people searched for Fortnite. For example, we were shown an example of "soft shadowing" cast from a truck, and how by making the shadow a little blunter, you're able to save a few micro seconds.

Save the World launched July 21, and Battle Royale followed on September 26, with the bulk of the work taking place after July 25.

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Speaking to Glixel about the success of the game, Epic founder Tim Sweeney confirmed that the "majority" of the 700-person team at Epic is working on managing the breakout success, and that the situation certainly isn't the norm.

"I doubt any major publisher could have pulled off this kind of pivot in the time we ended up doing it", Zobrist added. A Battle Royale indeed. The decision to spin it off as a free-to-play game was made just two weeks before launch. "A lot of players just won't play Save the World", they admitted. While the game is only available via an invite code right now, the game has racked up an incredible amount of popularity despite the artificially limited player count.

If you've got yourself Fortnite Battle Royale's Battle Pass, you'll likely already know that Thursday's mark the day that the new weekly challenges arrived. The game is now a big driver of technical advancements for Epic's game developer toolset.

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