With the Ace, kids are finally getting their own cheap Fitbit

With the Ace, kids are finally getting their own cheap Fitbit

With the Ace, kids are finally getting their own cheap Fitbit

But Fitbit hopes its focus on health and fitness - and its lower price point - will be key differentiators. Fitbit came up with a new algorithm that looks at all this data and predicts where you are in your menstrual cycle and when the next one is coming.

Do you plan on picking up either one of Fitbit's new devices? If you want to pay for things with your smartwatch, you'll need to opt for the Fitbit Versa Special Edition, which has an NFC chip inside.

The Fitbit Versa will be available starting from April in the United States for a price of $199.

What's different is that the Versa will feature more personalized insights.

"If you look at the data, over the age of 9 is where we start to see trends in activity start to go down for kids". There's a wide variety of colors for each with materials of silicone, metal chain link, metal bands, Horween leather and more all up for grabs.

Central to both is the display, with Fitbit offering an interface that's loaded with colour and vibrancy. Below the screen there's the Fitbit logo, but we don't now have any information on the screen technology or resolution. The Versa will hold up to 300 songs in its internal memory, so you don't need to take your phone with you when you leave the house.

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The watch is waterproof up to 50m so you can take it swimming. From later this year the Fitbit app and Versa interface will allow you to log your menstrual cycle so you can better understand fluctuations in your health alongside your fitness and sleep.

There's your normal step tracking here, but now you'll be able to see your last seven days of activity directly on the watch itself, so you can make sure you're keeping up with your target. By tracking all of this data over long periods of times and comparing them with a user's baseline, Fitbit is beginning to detect irregularities that might put people at risk of conditions such as sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation or diabetes. The Fitbit Versa is not meant for buyers wanting to ditch their smartphone while running or engaging in some other workout session.

Fitbit is probably the most well-known company in the fitness tracker world, but smartwatches are new territory. This cluster of functions allows users to record menstrual cycles and symptoms, among other, more health-oriented stats, and to keep tabs on fertility windows.

The main attraction is, of course, the Fitbit Versa. I don't like that Fitbit sacrificed Global Positioning System to trim down the watch, though Global Positioning System isn't a must-have for most people.

Fitbit bills its Ace wearable and new family account option as a way for an entire family to get active and "build healthy habits". The basic version of the Versa also forgoes the ability to make mobile payments, though a $230 special edition gets the Fitbit Pay feature back.

Dive into more details and attractive photos of the new smartwatch meets fitness tracker we'll be dreaming of for the next month or so until it arrives at our doorstep. You can even connect with other women in the Community tab in the app for support and advice. Like the Alta, the Ace is showerproof and advertises a battery life of up to five days.

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