Alexa Video Calling and Messaging Now Available on Tablets

Alexa Video Calling and Messaging Now Available on Tablets

Alexa Video Calling and Messaging Now Available on Tablets

The homage to the classic device is powered using an Amazon Fire HD tablet that is then joined by additional lights, speakers and software added by Master Replicas Group to give it the look of HAL. For everyone else, you will have to open the Alexa app to take advantage of these features. This is a feature primarily intended for those who have multiple Echo devices around the home, and you can quickly send a message without the other person needing to answer - effectively an intercom system. How easy it is to make calls and send messages will largely depend on the device.

Alexa is Amazon's artificially-intelligent smart assistant platform used in its Echo products and other compatible hardware. The Fire 7 starts at just $49.99, while the All-New Fire HD 10 sells for $149.99 at Amazon's website. Interestingly, you don't have to worry about anything else as the giant has made this functions available through an app called Amazon Alexa. When an alert is signaled, you just say "Alexa, what are my notifications?" So, if you see the blue ring at the top of your device, you know Alexa is still listening.

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Fortunately, you will also have a few more additional features which are essential for the users.

If you're quick, you can get one of the Amazon Alexa-enabled devices for a song. If you have the Connect hub, you will be able to use all of these new features as well. Are you excited that you can do everything over Wi-Fi and not waste your data?

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