Daylight Saving Time an Opportunity to Check on Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Daylight Saving Time an Opportunity to Check on Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Daylight Saving Time an Opportunity to Check on Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Daylight saving time begins 2 a.m. Sunday, and when it comes to North Dakotans' opinions on the practice of advancing clocks one hour to achieve longer evening daylight, it's a mixed bag.

South Dakotans are being reminded that it's a good time to change the batteries in their smoke alarms as they change their clocks. He pointed out that the Navajo Nation switches to daylight saving time every spring.

He said, "I want to know what proponents are out there saying this is wrong".

This month marks 100 years since daylight saving time was first used in the United States, in March 1918.

Saskatchewan is the only province where residents don't change their clocks.

But it's not out of the question.

If Scott signs the "Sunshine Protection Act", Congress would need to amend existing federal law to allow the change.

The whole concept of Daylight Saving Time originated in Germany to save energy during World War I. Soon after, it was adopted by the USA and other sub-tropical countries as a temporary war-time measure, with American states having the option of continuing it in peace time.

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I think a grand conspiracy is under way in which clear-headed "morning people" are attempting to use DST to swindle us "nighttime people" and swipe our girlfriends while we are in a continuous state of fogginess.

Is it coincidence that Daylight Saving Time and "The Walking Dead" both happen on Sunday?

But more daylight after work meant more time to shop, play golf and go to baseball games. But youth sports leagues and families anxious that a year-round early sunset would shut down their kids' after-school games. Hawaii, which is three time-zones away from the west coast, and Arizona, which aims to lessen the scalding heat of its summers, are on standard time year-round. Facts are that health issues extend further than that unsettling feeling of grogginess many experience from the DST shift, there are real health consequences - increased motor vehicle and job accidents, heart attacks, and strokes. In 1966, the Uniform Time Act finally standardized daylight saving time in the U.S.

As cartographer and blogger Andy Woodruff aptly writes: "Usually the whining [about daylight saving time] is short-term shock at the sudden change in the timing of day and night, not a reasoned assessment of what it means for the timing of daylight over the whole year".

While some babies easily adjust to the time change, others take a little longer, child sleep expert Amy Lage writes on Macaroni Kid. What might have been a necessary wartime sacrifice, and then a way to save energy by keeping it light in the evening, is a custom that literally can make people ill.

Happy (almost) Spring, Montreal, see you on the other side!

Andrea Feathers, a Los Angeles lawyer who created the Facebook group "Save the Light", agrees. According to Downing, the biggest opponents were the movie industry, "because people were much less likely to go into dark theaters when it was bright outside", and farmers. Daylight Saving Time weekend has arrived.

Don't excessively oversleep this weekend. "I guess it depends what type of person you are or what stage of life you're in".

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