Washington State Passes Law Protecting Net Neutrality

Washington State Passes Law Protecting Net Neutrality

Washington State Passes Law Protecting Net Neutrality

Washington became the first state in the nation to require internet service be "net neutral" as Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bipartisan bill Monday afternoon. Under a nonprofit called the Coalition for Internet Openness, the companies said they filed a petition with the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit today requesting the court review the FCC's decision.

However, there are those that are continuing to fight back against the FCC, and this includes actual states that wish to protect Net Neutrality as it stands. "[Washington state governor Jay] Inslee said he was confident of its legality, saying 'the states have a full right to protect their citizens'".

The state governments of New York, Montana, New Jersey, Vermont, California and Hawaii have sought to counteract the FCC deregulation with executive orders that set net neutrality principles for contracting of internet service, similar to Oregon's approach.

Opponents of the change in the federal regulations fear that without strong rules, internet service providers will create faster and slower lanes online to extract fees for better service.

CNET reports that the bill was signed into law yesterday.

The Internet Association, a lobbying group representing tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, is not directly suing the FCC, but will still file arguments in other lawsuits against the FCC as an "intervener". There are also efforts by Democrats to undo the move in Congress. It will also prevent them from impairing internet traffic.

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The FCC's repeal of the rules should go into effect by April 23, though now that the clock is ticking down, the repeal is facing mounting pressure in the form of legal challenges.

The law means that national internet service providers (ISP) may have to have one set of operating policies for Washington and another for the other states in which they operate.

Meanwhile, FCC's anti-net neutrality stance is making more tech companies stand up to it and be counted. The law will go into effect June 6.

"This is a flawless example of why you need states' assistance when you've had the federal government walk off the job and go to the donut shop", Inslee said.

"There should not be a state-by-state patchwork of differing laws and regulations", he said in a written statement.

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