Salon to use readers' computers to mine cryptocurrency

Salon to use readers' computers to mine cryptocurrency

Salon to use readers' computers to mine cryptocurrency

From there, you can either configure your ad blocker to show ads on the site's domains or select "Suppress Ads" to "block ads by allowing Salon to use your unused computing power" so it can mine Monero.

Salon provides ways to opt out - by turning off ad blockers or using its ad-free paid service. (The guy who created JavaScript recommends doing so.) In Salon's case, you might instead want to make sure your ad blocker, if you have one, lets the ads come through. Salon has issued a clarification on this matter by saying that it will avoid that by actively adjusting the processing power being used by the crypto-miner.

The site says: "If you opt-in, your computer will only be donating its spare processing power for the duration that you are browsing".

Salon's "powered by Coinhive" pop-up. It's no secret that digital media companies are hurting, and crowdsourcing the process that generates some virtual currencies is certainly an innovative solution, though definitely an experimental one.

I enabled the mining on today in order to see how much computing power it used.

The bottom of my laptop started heating up a little, but the computer still worked normally otherwise.

It's not clear what the limit on Salon's CPU usage is and Salon did not respond to questions. After I disabled Salon's cryptocurrency mining, my idle CPU power went back up to a more typical 70 to 80 percent.

You'd be wrong to think, however, that Salon's cryptocurrency-mining activity won't have any impact on your computer. Moreover, many websites, including a popular Google Chrome plugin, was caught recently for using Coinhive to mine Monero on users computers without seeking any permission.

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Cryptojacking continues to be a problem, as we've detailed in several additional articles, including one yesterday.

As it stands, Coinhive's name is only mentioned in the small tick-box that readers use to consent to the mining method, adds Tech Crunch.

Yup, Salon is giving you a choice. "Nothing is ever installed on your computer and Salon never has access to your personal information or files".

"We realize that specific technological developments now mean that it is not merely the reader's eyeballs that have value to our site - it's also your computer's ability to make calculations, too", it states.

Salon, one of the oldest online-only media companies in the USA, has seen its revenue drop as many of its readers turn on ad blockers.

To end the explanation, Salon makes a pitch that the "possibilities for [cryptocurrency] are limitless" including secure online voting, predicting the impact of climate change and finding alien life.

Salon now doesn't seem to offer a subscription option but says it will soon deliver "a fast, ad-free experience" in a new, paid app for mobile phones and tablets.

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