CIA Paid $100000 to Shadowy Russian Touting Trump Dirt and Stolen Cyberweapons

CIA Paid $100000 to Shadowy Russian Touting Trump Dirt and Stolen Cyberweapons

CIA Paid $100000 to Shadowy Russian Touting Trump Dirt and Stolen Cyberweapons

Multiple intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election in a bid to help secure Trump's victory.

The president has called the Russian Federation investigation a "witch hunt".

The materials were stolen in 2017 by a group which calls itself Shadow Brokers.

The intelligence community was involved in an effort to investigate and determine whether it could gain access to stolen government data, according to a US official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

"That's one of the bedeviling things about counterintelligence and the wilderness that it is - nobody wants to be caught in a position of saying we wrote that off and then five years later, saying, 'Holy cow, it was actually a real guy, ' " said Steven Hall, the former chief of Russian operations for the Central Intelligence Agency. It was determined later that the offer was bogus and the people behind it couldn't produce any of the stolen government data, this official said.

United States intelligence paid $100,000 to a shady Russian operative who pocketed the dough and took off without coming through with a promised goldmine of espionage assets - including alleged dirt on President Trump, according to a sensational report on Friday.

No sound could be actually heard on it, which ultimately diminished its importance, although originally it was promised the video would show Trump hanging out with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room back in 2013 - something Mr. President emphatically denied outright. But officials determined that information he was offering had already been published online.

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The CIA worked through an American businessman to "preserve deniability", the Times reported.

"The fictional story that Central Intelligence Agency was bilked out of $100,000 is patently false", Boyd told Reuters. After receiving part of the money, he disappeared, The New York Times reports citing sources in the U.S. and European special services.

The New York Times wrote on Friday that the alleged anonymous Russian spy, took the money but failed to provide the stolen material, nor did he come up with any dirt on Trump.

The money was delivered to a Berlin hotel room in September and was intended as the first installment of a $1 million reward, according to USA officials, the Russian and communications reviewed by the Times, the newspaper reported.

The Washington Post could not verify claims of any money changing hands. "You can only ask so many times", Trump said in November.

On the other hand, the former official said, if the NSA and CIA were satisfied that their interlocutor had bona fide intelligence, paying for it might be a smart move. But the newspaper insisted that the American spies were more interested in the NSA hacking tools than the dirt on Trump.

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