Stormy Daniels, alleged Trump mistress, to appear in Shreveport

Stormy Daniels, alleged Trump mistress, to appear in Shreveport

Stormy Daniels, alleged Trump mistress, to appear in Shreveport

When Kimmel asked Daniels what she thought when Trump brought women who accused former President Bill Clinton of alleged sexual misconduct to a 2016 presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, Daniels said she found the move "dirty". Daniels responded with "I don't know".

Kimmel then tried to get Daniels to admit she does have a non-disclosure agreement, saying that if she didn't, she "certainly could say, 'I don't have a non-disclosure agreement'".

The porn star is scheduled to appear on U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live after Trump's first ever State of the Union address.

Stormy was very careful not to violate her NDA with her answers on the show but left us wondering who forged her signature on the denial statement released January 30?

Daniels claimed that she did not read the recently published transcript of an interview from 2011 with In Touch magazine, which chronicles the alleged sexual encounter in detail, in its entirety because she was "too scared to look at it".

At the beginning of the show, Kimmel asked Daniels about the statement.

"I hope she comes, right?" said host Sunny Hostin on Wednesday.

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If Stormy Daniels gets exhausted of directing adult films, she could always pursue a career in tightrope walking. Daniels said before adding, "I do not know where [the statement] came from". "I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to ask you tonight but then about, like, three hours ago I go on the internet and I get - I see this letter", he said.

"If you did not have a nondisclosure agreement, you could say that you did not have a nondisclosure agreement", the host pointed out. "I am denying it because it never happened".

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, fielded questions about whether or not she had an affair with Trump after the Wall Street Journal reported that she received $130,000 a month before the 2016 election to sign a nondisclosure agreement about the alleged relationship.

Kimmel spent most of the interview phrasing questions with a lot of "did or did not " s and double-negatives, and Daniels spent most of the interview cracking jokes about the wild stuff that shows up online.

Daniels will also be appearing on ABC's The View on Thursday.

The authenticity of the signature, however, has since been confirmed by The Washington Post, citing Daniels's representative, Gina Rodriguez, who said the pornographic actress signed the agreement that afternoon in front of her and her lawyers.

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