No carbon cuts or ocean protection without pipeline, Trudeau says

No carbon cuts or ocean protection without pipeline, Trudeau says

No carbon cuts or ocean protection without pipeline, Trudeau says

Faced with a potential new obstacle to exporting Alberta oil, Premier Rachel Notley has pledged to stand firm in defence of jobs and the battered oil industry - but has so far offered few specifics.

Critics of federal support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline intend to rally outside the Nanaimo event, said a spokeswoman for the Georgia Strait Alliance. The Edmonton-to-Burnaby pipeline is expected to carry up to 890,000 barrels of oil per day once complete. Her government held an emergency cabinet meeting to look at ways to respond to B.C.'s proposal. "To call this a violation of the rules governing our confederation is an understatement", said Notley.

Trudeau should explain to all Canadians that the project has already undergone rigorous environmental review, said Tim McMillan, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Asked whether she was being tough enough with B.C., Notley said the response has consequences.

Two Canadian provinces are engaged in a spat over pipeline politics. Billions of dollars of goods cross our borders every year. "If Trudeau and the Liberals continue their passive-aggressive approach to Alberta, Saskatchewan and the hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy sector and allows carry on this way, forcing more expensive and time-wasting litigation, then there is no goal to Confederation".

"But I believe ... that we owe it to Albertans to do everything within our power to defend our jobs and our economic security and we will not waiver in this fight".

Scott Moe, Saskatchewan's newly elected premier, also weighed in.

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"We need this pipeline and we're going to move forward with it responsibly like I committed to". "BC's actions are unconstitutional, this is not a dispute between BC and Alberta".

"It's extremely embarrassing for our premier that she's been unable to persuade her fellow New Democrats to stop this attack on our province's economy", said United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney Tuesday.

"They have been consistent in their view that getting their products to market is more important than what British Columbia wishes", he told the NOW.

"She's absolutely disinterested in any of the impacts it might have on our community".

"There are stringent regulatory processes and requirements for pipelines in both the USA and Canada, and the government of Saskatchewan is confident that the proposed pipelines can be constructed and operated in a manner that protects the environment and public health and safety", he wrote.

"They just rubber stamped whatever the federal government said and left this gaping hole in regard to the knowledge that was required to protect the environment", Corrigan said.

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