AHA: Breast cancer therapies, heart disease linked

AHA: Breast cancer therapies, heart disease linked

AHA: Breast cancer therapies, heart disease linked

'Tremendous progress' Angela Culhane, chief executive of the charity Prostate Cancer UK, said the disease now received half the funding and half the research that is devoted to breast cancer.

It has been known for years that some breast cancer drugs (including some also used for other cancers) can weaken the heart muscle, causing heart failure. In the end, each patient had a customised bar graphic that showed how their preferences matched to treatments. But women may benefit from a new approach to treatment that weighs the benefits of specific therapies against potential damage to the heart. Taxanes, such as paclitaxel, can cause an abnormally slow heart rhythm, while hormone drugs such as tamoxifen can cause potentially fatal thromboembolisms, or blood clots.

"For older women, (cardiovascular disease) poses a greater mortality threat than breast cancer itself".

"Adriamycin, or doxorubicin, and trastuzumab, or Herceptin, are the big causes of heart failure", Brawley said.

They were then surveyed about five weeks later, after making their treatment decision.

Culhane added: "We haven't yet got the big game-changing advances that breast cancer has had in terms of the screening programme and also the precision medicine development". This compares to 11,442 women who die from breast cancer.

Knowing a woman's history of breast cancer treatment can be crucial when treating her heart.

Doctors were also developing more-targeted radiation to reduce risks, the statement said.

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Its cardiotoxicity has always been known, but studies now indicate that administering the drug slowly, rather than all at once, may reduce the risk of cardiac damage, the AHA report said.

Certain clinical management strategies may help reduce or prevent the adverse effects of breast cancer therapy. One is why patient survival is higher at comprehensive cancer centers than in community practices, meaning those not affiliated with an academic institution.

"You ask your oncologist about, 'What medications am I going to get, what are the effects on the heart, and do you work now with a cardiologist that can work with us together?'" Dr. Pina said. But primary care physicians might not be as knowledgeable, and it's useful to "remind the busy general practitioner and the medical oncologist that they need to pull the cardiologist in".

Despite the alarming figures, the charity added the shift does not represent a worsening situation for prostate cancer and men diagnosed today are two-and-a-half times more likely to live for 10 years or more than if they were diagnosed in 1990.

Among options for hormonal breast cancer therapy, tamoxifen favorably affects lipid profiles, but studies showed no beneficial effect on CVD risk. The CDC has been in overdrive this year as the death toll from the flu reaches an all-time high.

Save your life but harm your heart?

As it overtakes breast cancer as the third deadliest form of the disease, these are the signs to look out for and the NHS tests you might want to consider.

Breast cancer survivors, especially older women over the age of 65, are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than breast cancer, underscoring the importance of effectively managing heart disease risk factors during and following cancer treatment.

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