Nicotine In E-Cigarette Vapors May Cause Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests

Nicotine In E-Cigarette Vapors May Cause Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests

Nicotine In E-Cigarette Vapors May Cause Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests

Tang went on to look at human lung and bladder cells and found that exposing the cells to nicotine and its breakdown products made the cells turn into tumour tissue more easily. Tang and colleagues found that the solvent alone does not cause damage to the DNA, but exposure to nicotine and the solvent caused the same damage as exposure to nicotine alone.

According to researchers, laboratory tests showed that when mice were to e-cig vapour they had higher levels of DNA damage in the heart, lungs and bladder than those just breathing clean air.

A recent report on e-cigarettes have found that they are not toxic and are in fact less unsafe that regular cigarettes. A study published in the British Medical Journal reported that teenagers who had only ever smoked e-cigarettes were four times as likely to go on to smoke tobacco cigarettes a year later, compared to teenagers who had never vaped.

The next step of the research is underway, in which mice are exposed to nicotine and e-cigarette vapor long-term to see if they actually develop cancer or heart disease, Tang added. NNAL, another member of the nitrosamine family that damaged the smoking mice's DNA, was found to be reduced by 97% in E-cigarette smokers as opposed to tobacco smokers in another recent study. He's chair of epidemiology at the University of South Carolina's Arnold School of Public Health.

Therefore, "at this stage, it is not known whether e-cigarettes has a positive or negative impact on public health".

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"It would seem clear based on the number of toxic substances and the lack of combustion that e-cigarettes should be lower risk than tobacco cigarettes".

During the tests, some mice were exposed to smokes emanating from e-cigarettes.

The researchers said that if the findings will be confirmed in future studies, it could mean that e-cigarettes, always been considered to be the safer alternative to traditional cigarette and tobacco products, also carry cancer risk through the nicotine that they deliver. The report, released by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine last week, stated that smokers who switch to vaping reduce their exposure to lethal toxicants and carcinogens.

Furthermore, while the use of e-cigarettes can help adults to stop smoking conventional cigarettes, the study found substantial evidence that e-cigarette use results in symptoms of dependence on e-cigarettes.

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