Amazon Adds Text Message Feature To Alexa, But Ignores Apple

Amazon Adds Text Message Feature To Alexa, But Ignores Apple

Amazon Adds Text Message Feature To Alexa, But Ignores Apple

When you ask Alexa to "send a message" she will try to send it via the Alexa app by default, before suggesting she sends a regular SMS if the recipient doesn't have the app installed. To enable the feature on your device, you will need to download the latest version of the Alexa app from the Google Play store. The first time you open the app following the update, you will receive a prompt explaining the new text feature. After that, you should select Contacts and then hit the My Profile option. From there, Alexa will draw from your contacts just like she already does in order to make calls and send voice messages. If you are located in the United States, you should be able to send SMS using Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo speakers. Amazon has already introduced a calling and messaging system in the USA previous year, but with the latest update, Alexa can send messages as normal text to Android phones.

Fortunately, - or unfortunately, depending on how much you like Anthony Hopkins or Cardi B - Alexa isn't getting replaced with a new voice anytime soon.

This feature now sends SMS messages only to Android phones, because Apple is not offering its messaging APIs to third-parties.

Customers can ask Alexa to send messages, and Alexa will figure out how to route it appropriately.

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We've really no idea what Amazon has up its sleeve, but the ad seems to suggest it's about to roll out a bunch of Alexa alternatives for its range of Echo speakers.

Watch the full 90 second long Amazon Super Bowl 2018 spot that will run in the 4th quarter on Sunday below. With this change, Alexa should sound a fair bit more natural than her closest competitors, Siri and Google Assistant, which could possibly draw more people to Echo devices when they're looking for a smart speaker to bring into their homes.

US users can even bolt a full home service to Alexa, and it surely won't be long before the same is true here.

As of this writing, the text messaging functionality will work on all Amazon Echo devices including Echo Dot.

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