A 5-foot long tapeworm pulls out from a sushi lover's body

A 5-foot long tapeworm pulls out from a sushi lover's body

A 5-foot long tapeworm pulls out from a sushi lover's body

A California man's daily sushi habit ended in a trip to hospital with a stomach-churning item to show doctors: a 5ft tapeworm that "wiggled" out of his body.

Dr. Kenny Banh recounted the gruesome story as a guest on a recent episode of "This Won't Hurt A Bit", a medical podcast that dissects odd or unusual health cases with experts.

The man first thought the worm was a piece of intestine hanging out of his rectum after he had diarrhea, Banh said, but after pulling the worm out of himself, he saw it start wriggling.

He denied it but added that he had just been eating raw salmon on nearly every day.

After finding that out, the patient swore off raw salmon forever.

After asking the man if he had traveled out of the country or drank well water in the past year, Dr. Kenny Banh, an emergency room physician at the University of California San Francisco's campus in Fresno, discovered that the man ate raw salmon sushi "almost every day", which could be the way the parasite entered his body.

The man grabbed it and pulled it out and soon learned it was actually a 5-and-a-half-foot tapeworm. The patient pulled on the worm until nothing else came out, put it in the bag, and headed for the ER.

Banh tells that he doesn't give any sign of cramping but tells that he wants to get treated for worms. "My height", Bahn said.

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And researchers say that this means salmon caught anywhere along the Pacific coast of the United States may have tapeworm.

Taken off finished paper on the floor of the healing facility crisis room, Banh said the tapeworm estimated 5 and 1/2 feet long.

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that a tapeworm known to infect salmon from the Asian Pacific is now present in fish from USA waters.

Tapeworms are reportedly found in many types of fish that are not properly flash frozen.

The man said he ate raw fish, especially salmon sashimi, nearly every day. The parasites might be found in various sorts of fish that haven't been streak solidified to slaughter the worms. But in exceptional cases the infection can cause complications including vitamin B12 deficiency, intestinal obstruction and gall bladder disease. The treatment for the patient: a pill that is no different from the single dose given to a dog to kill worms.

"When you're eating uncooked fish - or other raw foods, like unpasteurized milk - there is some inherent risk", said Adalja.

"It's not eating your pizza, it's eating you", Banh said.

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