United Kingdom ambassador in Paris: Brexit marks 'new chapter' in Franco-British relationship

United Kingdom ambassador in Paris: Brexit marks 'new chapter' in Franco-British relationship

United Kingdom ambassador in Paris: Brexit marks 'new chapter' in Franco-British relationship

The tough message risked putting a sour note at the end of a meeting created to show the strength of Anglo-French relations, despite the UK's exit from the EU.

Ahead of the meeting, Macron indicated France would not tolerate another camp being built in Calais, saying the port town will not be used as a "side door" for migrants to gain access to the UK.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May for a lunch at the Elysee Palace as part of the One Planet Summit in Paris, France, December 12, 2017.

"While this summit takes place as the UK prepares to leave the European Union, this does not mean that the UK is leaving Europe.A strong relationship between our two countries is in the UK, France and Europe's interests, both now and into the future", May said in a statement. "If you want access to the single market, be my guest". When Macron was asked about financial services and the single market, he emphasised that Britain's choice was between Norway-full involvement in the single market but paying into the budget, accepting ECJ jurisdiction and free movement-and Canada, a much more limited free trade deal.

The talks, to be held at the Sandhurst Military Academy southwest of London, will also focus on deepening military and intelligence cooperation.

The deal to increase security was viewed as a climbdown by Britain in the face of French demands by Eurosceptic sections of the United Kingdom media.

The tapestry will not travel before 2020 because of the need for restoration work to ensure it is not damaged in transit, an official in Mr Macron's office told reporters in France.

"The British have the same determination as us to say, 'Brexit is one thing, it's taking up all our energy, but the determination of both sides is to maintain, develop and cultivate this partnership" in terms of defence, a French government source said.

Hannah Mckay  Reuters                   The joint press conference got tense once Brexit came
Hannah Mckay Reuters The joint press conference got tense once Brexit came

"They can have no differentiated access to the financial services".

Theresa May will use the decision, which has involved lengthy talks between each country's respective culture departments, to highlight the strength in UK-French relations following Brexit.

Britain will send helicopters to help French counterterrorism operations against Islamist extremists in Mali, while France will send troops to a UK-led battle group in Estonia helping to deter Russian aggression.

It was made in England and taken to France and has been exhibited at the Musee de Bayeux in Bayeux, Normandy, France and has not left France in 950 years.

France, in turn, was to commit to contribute troops to British-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Estonia next year.

Hundreds of migrants remain in the area, with police routinely breaking up makeshift camps of people hoping to head to Britain, a favoured destination for Afghans and east Africans.

France and Britain, the two European nuclear powers, account for half of the defence spending in the EU.

The Times newspaper's cartoonist Peter Brookes linked Bayeux and Brexit in his offering in yesterday's edition, which was drawn in the style of the tapestry.

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