Apple Messages 'chaiOS' bug can lock your device with a single text

Apple Messages 'chaiOS' bug can lock your device with a single text

Apple Messages 'chaiOS' bug can lock your device with a single text

Just weeks after handling a security flaw that allowed people to access Mac operating systems without a password, Apple is now facing a new threat: a "text bomb". He called the iPhone flaw "chaiOS bug" and said, "Text the link below, it will freeze the recipient s device, and possibly restart it".

Masri link takes you to a site that contains hundreds of thousands of unnecessary characters within its metadata.

As we noted earlier this week, chaiOS was discovered by Abraham Masri and potentially causes crashes, resprings, and battery issues on the latest versions of iOS and macOS. The bug also affected Mac computers, causing the Safari web browser to crash. We're hopeful that apart from iOS 11.2.5, Apple will implement the same fixes in macOS as well with the release of High Sierra 10.3.3 some time later this month. Going back into the thread in Messages that contained the link would cause the app to continually crash, which forced both parties to delete the thread.

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Masri tweeted about the bug on Tuesday. If a user receives a text with the URL through iMessage, it can lock the device, even if he or she doesn't click on it. Masri previously reported the issue to Apple and claims he released it publicly to "get Apple's attention".

With no fixes available yet, Apple device users are at an alert and cautious of the messages hitting their smartphones.

As ever, the best method of defence against this kind of bug is to regularly update your phone, tablet and computer's software. If this sounds familiar, it is, as Apple is notorious for being vulnerable to similar bugs and viruses.

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