Justice Blindsided Banking Agency on Pot Policy Flip

Justice Blindsided Banking Agency on Pot Policy Flip

Justice Blindsided Banking Agency on Pot Policy Flip

Sessions provided no details other than saying individual us attorneys are authorized to prosecute marijuana operators as they choose. It is equally true that a strong majority of Americans have grave reservations about "commercialization" of marijuana. The numbers vary a little: In 2012 Gallup found 64 percent supported that position whereas in 2015 Pew found 54 percent in favor.

"It is no coincidence that immediately after California, a liberal state, legalized cannabis for adult-use, AG Sessions chose to announce his change in policy", said Rudder. Unlike Sessions, whom he certainly doesn't feel a need to defer to, the president hasn't said how he personally feels about pot use.

Again, the cat, the bag ... and, how would that federal law even be enforced at this stage?

The lawmaker argues that Congress "needs to do its job". A Sacred Heart University poll last October found 70 percent of CT residents either "strongly" or "somewhat" support legalizing the drug for adults and taxing it.

Before the legalization of medical marijuana, people have found ways to attain the drug illegally. "By the same token, in CT, if you want to get a loan or engage in the business of being a provider of medical marijuana you'd have a really hard time doing that".

"It wouldn't be the first time California defied the feds", Grumbine said with a laugh.

It is the hypocrisy that really stands out here, however.

California's voters set the plan for recreational marijuana in motion in November 2016. Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, is expected to sign the bill into law. One news outlet described the first 13 days of legalization in Nevada as "total mayhem".

Government officials like Mr. Sessions wrongly continue to put marijuana in the same category as opioids like heroin when the two classes of drugs have virtually nothing in common.

Jeff Sessions is tainted in the eyes of Donald Trump

Sessions' rescinding of the Obama administration's hands-off approach, though, has stirred unease in MA entrepreneurs gearing up for the July kickoff of reefer madness. "When the states began to create medicinal and recreational cannabis exceptions, the direction from the Obama administration was that federal prosecutors were not to enforce the Act in those states if certain conditions were met", he said.

"This is a straightforward rule of law issue", Lelling said in a statement.

"This extremely misguided action will enable a federal crackdown on states' rights with regard to marijuana policy", said Marijuana Policy Project's Interim Executive Director, Matthew Schweich. Though Lelling said it is his "sworn responsibility" to uphold federal law, he admitted he does so on "a case-by-case basis, assessing each matter according to those principles and deciding whether to use limited federal resources to pursue it".

We don't know the answer to these questions, in part, because the state has yet to release a final version of its report evaluating out-of-state diversion, distribution to minors, cultivation on public land and violent crime associated with marijuana in Oregon.

"Will it make people hesitant?" More states are poised to jump on the legalization train in the near future. States would be free to ban or regulate it anyway they saw fit; exactly what outraged congresspeople say they want.

For example, $3 million annually for five years will go to the Department of the California Highway Patrol for developing protocols to determine whether a motorist is impaired due to marijuana consumption.

A Justice Department spokesman told the Journal on Friday that the department won't interfere with medical marijuana operations as long as Congress keeps it lawful.

The unspoken reality, of course, is that Congress is the legislative branch of government and at any time any member could easily introduce a bill to repeal the federal marijuana law.

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