Smartphone fingerprint scanning heads to mainstream

Smartphone fingerprint scanning heads to mainstream

Smartphone fingerprint scanning heads to mainstream

As anticipated, Vivo has taken the opportunity of this week's Consumer Electronics Show to demo the world's first commercial smartphone to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Vivo In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology outperforms other authentication solutions available for full-screen smartphones in many aspects.

Rival phone manufacturers are tipped to follow in Vivo's footsteps, and launch their own devices with in-display fingerprint scanners in 2018. The optical sensor can't physically sense a pulse, but Synaptics told us that it has built in a robust anti-spoofing system to ensure its reader can't be fooled by others trying to imitate your fingerprint.

Vivo this week launched a new smartphone model using a newly announced Synaptics optical sensor, which has been in development for years.

The in-display fingerprint sensor will solve the industry's challenge of providing high screen-to-body ratio with the positioning of the fingerprint scanner. Vivo's design is expected to be widely adopted in the years to come, so the company is the first to publicly show off the technology.

Vivo's Groundbreaking Fingerprint Sensor is Changing the Smartphone World
Hands On With the Vivo Phone's In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint sensors will still be the first choice for most Android phones in 2018, since other biometric authentication methods available for Android phone-makers can not completely replace fingerprint identification yet.

Fingerprint recognition has always been one of the most common and well-known biometrics used to secure smartphones.

We demoed the fingerprint scanner and we have to say the near-final solution is solid. In order for it to work, the finger has to be illuminated, so that the fingerprint scanner can read the reflections of the finger scan. All you need to do is press the finger you want to register on the phone screen in the place where the home button would be. That way, you'll be able to place your fingers anywhere to unlock the phone.

We'd recommend both thumbs, so it doesn't matter if you're holding the phone with your right or left hand, and both forefingers, allowing you to easily unlock the phone when it's lying on a surface. We didn't peak under the hood of the phone, but the phone worked well and especially the unlocking part.

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