Nintendo Direct Mini Unveils Some Major Titles for 2018

Nintendo Direct Mini Unveils Some Major Titles for 2018

Nintendo Direct Mini Unveils Some Major Titles for 2018

Although there were rumours swirling, Nintendo surprised most of us today by debuting a new Nintendo Direct Mini in order to announce a number of upcoming releases and new content coming to the Switch.

Overkill Software's "Payday 2" is being ported for the Nintendo Switch and it will arrive for the console on February 27. It's a third-person action game that forces players to carefully choose every action, lest they die over and over (and over and over) at the hands of even the most mundane enemies.

It's a rhythm based game that brings the DS version's touchscreen controls onto the Switch.

The big one, however, is Dark Souls Remastered. The game-play structure of most of the stages bears a close resemblance to the Dynasty Warrior games, so Hyrule Warriors is a game that can truly be enjoyed by fans of both The Legend of Zelda and the Dynasty Warrior series.

The definitive version of Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Instead of traversing dungeons and meeting interesting characters, you're hacking and slashing and shooting and magicking your way through hundreds of enemies at once on battlefields. Not to mention it's the first time you can play a Dark Souls video game anywhere you want!

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Nvidia's massive 65-inch gaming displays put you right in the action
The Shield functionality which was previously only available as a separate box optimizes the display for broader application. If you game on an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro , it's certainly a tempting offer, especially as it boasts support for HDR.

The fighting game featuring Pokémon is getting some new DLC characters.

It's a competitive online mode that has you hide a balloon somewhere across the world's maps.

Fe was announced back in 2016, as part of EA's indie game publishing initiative, EA Originals.

It's not just about first party games either as some major third party titles are also making the journey over to the Nintendo Switch. The trailer shown in the stream didn't say much about what kinds of improvements we'll see, but on Twitter it was confirmed that it'll have improved frame rate and resolution as well as DLC.

"Super Mario Odyssey", for instance, is getting a new minigame called "Balloon World". It arrives February 27.

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