New Kia Niro SUV revealed at CES

New Kia Niro SUV revealed at CES

New Kia Niro SUV revealed at CES

Kia's full announcement is available here. "As they rapidly become a reality, Kia is exploring how to adapt these new technologies for its customers", said Dr. Woong-cheol Yang, vice chairman and head of Hyundai-Kia R&D Center. Meanwhile, an all-new fuel cell vehicle is slated to be launched by 2020. As part of this, the manufacturer also aims to have a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle on the road by 2020.

It was under the body of an all-new, Niro EV concept, a fully electric crossover with a range of up to 383 km, that Kia unveiled its future projects.

The 2019 Niro EV will likely retain the smooth panel that replaces the brand's familiar "tiger nose" grille. That panel is created to display information like the battery's charge level.

Kia managers have not given any specific plans to produce the Niro EV Concept, but did say they plan to have 16 electrified vehicles by 2025, including five new hybrid models, five battery-electric vehicles and a fuel-cell electric auto.

Kia says the goal is "an innate sense of space and calm" inside the vehicle, which is enhanced by "soft shades of silver, grey, and bronze" on every piece of the interior. There's also a safety system with cameras to detect pedestrians or cyclists and an external speaker to warn them if they don't hear the Niro EV approaching. Apparently one example of the touch controls is on a leather-wrapped section of the Niro EV steering wheel.

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Kia also envisages face and voice recognition being used in preference to a traditional key.

Well, we can understand this decision from Kia because there is not much to say about the performance of the Niro EV. Energy is provided by a high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, paired with a powerful 150 kW electric motor, the company says.

Kia's human machine interface supports face and voice recognition that allows the vehicle to recognize who's piloting it, and then adjust the settings to their programmed preferences.

Before that, meanwhile, there'll be an expansion of Kia's WiBLE auto sharing service. If the concept has any bearing on a future production Niro EV, it won't simply be a rebodied version of the Hyundai Ioniq EV, which has a 110-mile range.

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