ESPN's Katie Nolan calls Donald Trump a 'stupid person' - WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

ESPN's Katie Nolan calls Donald Trump a 'stupid person' - WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

ESPN's Katie Nolan calls Donald Trump a 'stupid person' - WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Last month, ESPN made it clear to each and everyone of their employees at their home base in Bristol, Connecticut during a two-hour summit that was about two main topics: 1.

While Nolan's comments occured on a talk show and not on Twitter or Facebook, her attempt to quickly explain away her outburst may have been due in part to ESPN's social media guidelines for journalists, implemented after fellow network employee Jemele Hill called Trump a "white supremacist" on Twitter.

ESPN's Katie Nolan has ignited some controversy after comment made on Viceland's late-night comedy show "Desus & Mero" on Thursday night. However, a rep for the network has told TMZ Sports that Nolan was merely warned for her actions and will not face a suspension.

She also took a random shot at Internet celebrity and "Everyday Struggle" co-host DJ Akademiks as well, who has had a past issue with Desus & Mero.

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"We have looked into the totality of Nolan's comments, they were inappropriate, and we have addressed it with her", an ESPN representative said. ESPN suspended her on the grounds that she violated the company's social media policy.

The extended interview is up on YouTube, and at the 13:30 mark, when they're talking about Trump's propensity for giving thumbs ups, Nolan says the line about Trump. Nolan is the host of "SportsCenter" on Snapchat.

ESPN issued revised guidelines on social media and political commentary late a year ago. The first insult she used for him is bleeped out, but then she added that he is a "fucking stupid person". In 2016 she won an Emmy award for her Fox Sports show "Garbage Time". He is now the Editor-in-Chief of Campus Sports.

ESPN apologized for Hill's comments but didn't fire her.

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