North Korea Launched IRBM That Accidentally Hit Its Own City

North Korea Launched IRBM That Accidentally Hit Its Own City

North Korea Launched IRBM That Accidentally Hit Its Own City

As for what this means for the USA, the Diplomat explained that rather than coming from known launch pads, DPRK missiles may originate from hardened tunnels, hangers or other newly constructed storage sites scattered all around the country, which has added to and diversified its list of launch points.

A North Korean missile had accidentally hit one of its own city during a launch test conducted on April 28, last year, as per reports.

The highly troubling report again highlights the dangers of North Korea's missile ambitions and raises concerns that should a future launch fail at the wrong time, the trajectory of the missile could appear to resemble an attack on Japan.

North Korea would eventually claim to have successfully tested the Hwasong-12 following another launch on May 14, when the missile flew 430 miles, reaching an altitude of more than 1,245 miles before landing in the sea, 60 miles south of Russia's Vladivostok region.

The unnamed source showed The Diplomat images from Google Earth from today compared to ones taken in 2016 to show the damage.

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Since the earliest days of ballistic missiles by Nazi Germany in World War II, the most unsafe moments in missile tests and firing are the launch and immediate post-launch phases. So such a failure has the chance of catastrophic disaster in the future. This means the chances of such accidents happening in Pyongyang or its surrounding inhabitable areas remain high. North Korea launched its first ICBM back in July and the United States did nothing but impose more sanctions.

North Korea's incessant missile testing throughout 2017 escalated tension with the US; and by the looks of it, 2018 is not going to be any better. The North's latest successful missile test involved a Hwasong-15, a model believed to be intercontinental - that is, having the capacity of flying over 5,500km. Pyongyang had not responded to his outreach until Kim's New Year's address. South Korea warned: "the show of force threatened the whole world". The Trump administration says all options are on the table, including military measures against the North. Moon has repeatedly said he opposes any war on the Korean Peninsula.

Moon has also seized the opportunity of mending fences with North Korea.

"We will connect with the South with a honest and diligent attitude", Ri Son Kwon, a senior North Korean official, said Wednesday.

In keeping with his habit, Trump claimed credit for improving relations between Pyongyang and Seoul.

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