Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to Feed

Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to Feed

Instagram Adds Recommended Posts to Feed

Instagram told TechCrunch the "Recommended for You" section won't replace or get in the way of the accounts you explicitly follow, and will instead appear after you've seen all posts in your feed.

Instagram has quietly introduced changes to the home feed wherein there will also be the new recommended section that will contain posts liked by those that the user follows.

Instagram is continuously working on introduction of new features for its users. Take note though, this merely tidies up your feed by removing the post - it doesn't stop Instagram dropping in more recommended content into your feed. Instragram says users can temporarily hide "Recommended for You" posts, with the implication being that they will reappear in their home feed automatically after a short period of time.

Instagram has confirmed that it will start to show "recommended posts" on user's feeds.

Since Instagram switched from the chronological feed to the algorithmic one, this is probably one of the biggest changes the platform has down to the way how its feed looks. Its positioning within the home feed itself will only provide it with greater visibility.

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Instagram had also earlier introduced a feature in which you could follow hashtags.

Users are discovering posts from accounts they do not follow added to their Instagram feed automatically.

The good news is that the "Recommended for You" section is not meant to displace the content you care about in favor of Instagram's own suggestions. The hope is Recommended posts will boost the visibility of certain posts, as Instagram announced that 70 percent of posts weren't seen in 2016.

Tap (iPhone) or (Android) above the post. Users may be less inclined to hit "like" when posts are more prominently visible to their friends.

According to reports, the feature was spotted while still in development and it seems that the social media giant has achieved refining the algorithm needed to pull off the recommended feature.

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