LG's three new cutting-edge Nano IPS monitors will wow your eyeballs

LG's three new cutting-edge Nano IPS monitors will wow your eyeballs

LG's three new cutting-edge Nano IPS monitors will wow your eyeballs

It appears like LG is preparing to unleash its latest line-up of flagship monitors. LG fans might also get a glimpse of G-sync Nano-IPS gaming monitor at the official CES event as well.

According to LG, Nano IPS is about using nanometre particles on the screen's LEDs to absorb excess light wavelengths to enhance the purity, which sounds similar to how Quantum Dot's crystals focus the LEDs to provide better and more vivid colours. The 34WK95U is said to come with HDR 600 support. It also has both in and out Thunderbolt 3 connections so you can club two monitors.

Next up on the CES docket for LG will be the 34WK95U, which will be an ultrawide display using a Nano-IPS panel in 5120x2160 resolution. That's stretching the definition of 5K, which is normally defined as 5120×2880, and the ultrawide panel doesn't have the same pixel density (11MP as opposed to 14.7MP).

This ultimate 5K viewing experience is geared towards users who multitask extensively, such as video editors, photographers and software and app developers ...

The first of LG's 2018 monitor lineup is a 32-inch, UHD 4K monitor.

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Alongside that large resolution it will have a Thunderbolt 3 port, slim bezels and a professional slant with lots of color grading options, as per ArsTechnica.

Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is present and correct for connecting up laptops with USB Type-C ports supporting Thunderbolt 3. Again the Edge-ArcLine Stand, and 4-Side Edge Borderless Design are utilised. Now, it's time that they expand the reach of this technology, and thus, the company has made a decision to give a touch of Nano-IPS to its wide range of monitors as well.

Ahead of the Consumer Electronic Show which will take place this coming January, LG has teased an image and specifications for a monitor it plans to unveil which could make your 27-inch 4K display look like retro tech.

All this and more can be experienced personally at LG's booth (#11100) in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2018. Pricing and availability information has not yet been revealed.

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