Crytek is suing Star Citizen developer over breech of contract

Crytek is suing Star Citizen developer over breech of contract

Crytek is suing Star Citizen developer over breech of contract

According to the complaint filed December 12 (via PC Gamer), Crytek agreed to a below-market rate for Cloud Imperium to use CryEngine with the agreement being that Cloud Imperium would prominently display the CryEngine logo in the game.

All of this reportedly happened before Cloud Imperium Games switched game engines, from CryEngine to Amazon's Lumberyard. CIG also goes on to say it will not only "defend vigorously" against the claims, but it will also attempt to recover any costs that are a result of the lawsuit.

"The GLA contained a critical promise from Defendants that they would not develop the Star Citizen video game using any other video game engines". It's that agreement which Crytek claim CIG and RSI have breached. I imagine any company looking to make an AAA space-traveling game would love to get their hands on the current engine source code that CIG is working with now.

FarCry and Crysis developer Crytek filed paperwork with the California Central District Court today to bring a lawsuit against Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games, the developers of Star Citizen. Star Citizen is now using Amazon Lumberyard, which itself is licensed and based off CryEngine as of 2015.

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Crytek and Cloud Imperium may hold a lot of emotional weight when you hear them mentioned.

It goes a little deeper than this though because CIG c0-founder and legal expert Ortwin Freyermuth negotiated the deal with Crytek but had also represented Crytek in similar negotiations with third-parties. "Notwithstanding that he had confidential information about Crytek's licensing practices that would unfairly advantage Defendants", the complaint states, "Freyermuth never recused himself from those negotiations and never resolved that conflict of interest with Crytek". If awarded this could potentially slow development down, but presumably it's been a while since Cloud Imperium Games moved over to Amazon Lumberyard.

It will be interesting to see whether Cloud Imperium and Crytek will settle things out of court or not. The first is that the companies are making more than one game using CryEngine without permission. Just in case you're not familiar with Squadron 42, it is a single-player campaign that takes place in the Star Citizen universe.

This agreement also extended to only one game, too, so when CIG announced the Squadron 42 spin-off, which is going to be available as its own game, Crytek says the contract has been broken.

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